God Catchers- Tommy Tenney

A sequel to the phenomenal “God Chasers”, God catchers by Tommy Tenney is also a hit. The pressure to write something in line of a bestseller would have been great but Tommy does it again with help of the Holy Spirit. The book title has a tagline “Experiencing the Manifest Presence of God” and book lives up to it’s tagline. As you read, you will feel that the book has been drenched with the presence of God. That’s what happens when a Man, who loves God crazily writes a book.

The Manifest Presence of God:-

As this book is about the Manifest Presence of God, let me give you a headstart. God is omnipresent, He is present everywhere and in everything. He is present in a Pub, as much He is present in a Church building. This is the first level of God’s presence. The next level is where God promises His presence to His people. From the days of old to the Church age, God’s promise to His people is this-“I will be with you”. The next level of God’s presence is when you feel the presence of God, like you would feel a person. He becomes tangible, you become aware of Him and “I will be with you” becomes a physical reality. You may feel Him like a fire or a wind or as a weight. No wonder, the hebrew word for Glory is “kabod” which means “weighty”.

The Cute beginning:-

Tommy starts the book by comparing his “hide and seek” playtime with his daughter to our connection with God. You don’t hide so that you won’t be found, when you play with your little girl. You hide so that you will be found. God plays hide and seek like this, unlike the original hide and seek game. God hides, so that we will find Him.

“God doesn’t hide Himself from you so that He can’t be found; He hides Himself from you so that He can be found.”
― Tommy Tenney, The God Catchers: Experiencing the Manifest Presence of God

What will you get out of this book?
  • You will learn how to access the presence of God and encounter God. You will be given different keys and a clear roadmap into the presence of God.
  • You will understand God’s heart and you will learn how to touch the heart of God.
  • You will understand God’s Father heart, as Tommy paints a beautiful image of an earthly father and daughter with real-life examples.
  • You will make a focus switch, presence over programs.
  • You will learn how to handle the presence of God and steward an encounter with God.
  • You may start experiencing the presence of God, You may have encounters with God, as you read this book. Worst case, you will be left with a deeper love for God and stronger urge to experience Him.
  • God will become more real to you before you finish this book.
  • This book will leave you with cry in your heart-“I want you Daddy”.


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