Extraordinary- John Bevere

John Bevere, who gave us the classic “The Bait of Satan”, helps his readers move away from an ordinary life and move into an extraordinary life through his book “Extraordinary”. In this book, John handles biblical truths in a wonderful way yet again. It is sound and clear.

If you want to get this book, you can follow this link:- Extraordinary: The Life You’re Meant to Live
He establishes the identity we have in Christ through the work of His grace and goes on to teach us that this same grace enables us to live a powerful, purposeful life. We live in an age, where Grace has been misused by most preachers, because they tend to bring one side of grace or confuse grace with mercy or whatever. John stands out of the crowd, with his deeper understanding of grace which will leave the reader questioning every grace message they would have heard before.

Mercy is given for our failures, Grace is given to empower us- John Bevere

What will this book do to you?

Like every book out there, it won’t work, if you don’t have a heart that is open to receive and apply. Remember Jesus’s parable of the sower? But if you do possess a heart that is open to receive from God and apply the truths HE shares, here you go:-

  • You will receive knowledge about your identity in Christ- You are a Child of God. You are a New Creation.
  • As you start to see yourself differently, you will start to feel valued and loved.
  • You will be left with a sense of purpose- that your life is not an accident but you are here on purpose, with a mission from above.
  • You are saved by grace but you will also gain understanding on how to live your life with this same grace.
  • You can’t settle for a normal life after your encounter with this book because John hits it throughout his book- that you are called to live an extraordinary life.
  • You will learn that living an extraordinary life or living a holy life can’t be achieved by the power of human strength or will but by the power of his wonderful grace.

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About the Author:-

John Bevere heads Messenger International with his wife Lisa Bevere( they make a deadly combo). John bevere is a specialist in presenting the Word of God in an uncompromising way. He is the author of many books and the list includes his signature work- The Bait of Satan.

You can read John Bevere’s blog here:- https://messengerinternational.org/blog/ 


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