How on earth can you serve God and Money??

OXYGEN Volume 21I look around and see Christians running after money and also claiming to have love for God. Is it possible to run after money and run after God? Can you serve money and God at the same time?

Jesus and the Wet Door Mat:

When I teach or talk to Christians about Money, they feel that I’m hitting them on their faces with a “Wet Door Mat”. But honestly, am just giving them God’s Word. Most Christians live exactly like the people of the world running after money, which is also encouraged by many preachers who also want to live like the people of the world and finally when they hear the truth they get a hit from a Wet Door Mat.

Jesus said that we can’t serve God and money; we can’t love God and money. It is physically, chemically, spiritually, supernaturally impossible. You are either serving God or you are serving money, but never both. Most Christians will proudly say that they are not after money, but their life will expose them.

No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You “cannot” serve both God and money. Matthew 6:24(NLT)

Are you serving God or Money?

As you go through the following checklist you will find out whether you are serving God or money and also the condition of most Christians-

1. Time: If your time invested in making money and saving money is more than your time invested in loving and serving God then you are serving money.

2. Energy: If your energy invested in making money is more than your energy invested in pursuing God then you are serving money.

3: Trust: If your trust is in your bank balance for your daily life and not in God who owns the universe, then you are serving money.

You pursue what you value. If you value God, your time and energy will be directed towards pursuing Him and knowing Him. If not, you will be running after money but lying all through your life saying-“I Love God, I’m living for God”. That’s crystal-clear hypocrisy, compromise!

Jesus or Money?..Choose one :

The Church also follows the “Money cycle” followed by the world. Money cycle- “Study so that you can get a job and earn money. Earn Money so that you can make someone study so they will get a job and earn money”. I have met Christian parents who tell me that they want their Children to study well and get a wallet-filling job. But I have never met “Christian” parent who said-“I want my Child to Walk with God”. Paul asked parents to “train their children in the Lord”, but parents “train their children to run after money”. The Bible asks us to “give, give, give” but most Christians want to “get more, spend more, save more money” while there are millions dying in the world. 

I’m not saying studying well or earning good money is wrong, I’m not asking “Christians” to meditate under some tree. I’m not saying having money is wrong…I’m saying-“Life is not about money. Life is all about Jesus. Many are trying to Love God and money which is impossible. You must also understand that God doesn’t rate you based on how much you have but based on how much you give”. I’m talking about priority. You have to make up your mind and choose one. If you want to serve Jesus, stop living as if life is all about money!

Money is Good or evil? :

Money is not evil, Love for money is evil. Money is to be used not be loved and lived for. Desiring to get rich is destructive but if you are already rich you can be rich in good deeds. Having Money is not wrong but why do you have it and how do you see it determines whether it is right or wrong. If you are earning money to get more riches, then you are travelling alongside with demons. If your trust is in your wallet, you are insulting God who is the “God of all Wallets”.

For the “love of money” is a root of all kinds of evil. 1 Timothy 6:20(NIV)

As Christians our “primary” purpose for earning money must be for the advancement of the Kingdom of God and not for the advancement of our private Kingdoms. Christians must work in their workplaces as working for the Lord and not just to get a paycheque. Every Christian must understand that He has been placed in an office or whatever for God’s Kingdom not for money. It’s about God and His Kingdom, not about going through life. Your central identity is a “child of God” and not So-and-so’s employee or So-and-so’ family member.

Trust God and stop trusting money:

Jesus said if we seek Him, give Him and His Kingdom first place in our lives then all we need will follow us. We must run after God and money must run after us, not the other way around. God didn’t say work hard, work extra shifts, don’t spend time with your family, work, work, work then I will take care of you. I’m not saying we must not work, am saying we must believe God for our lives and nothing else.

Once God told me-“Son, I will take care of you as you are my Son not because you serve me”. He takes care of me out of relationship and not out of my performance in ministry (My job). And I serve Him because I love Him and not for money. God is our Father and He will take care of us because He loves us. The people of the world are Orphans and we must not live like them in anyway. As a child of God, you have access to Heaven’s ATM. You are secure in God’s arms. Don’t seek security in the stuffs of this world; you will end up being insecure. If Jesus can take money out of a fish’s mouth, I’m pretty sure that He can take money out of your dog’s mouth. Believe God for your life.

If you want to serve Jesus-stop running after money, don’t desire for money, believe God for your life, work for the advancement of God’s Kingdom wherever you are and whatever you do, direct your maximum time and energy to love God and serve God. Jesus is not a liar, He declared the truth-“You can’t serve God and money”. So Choose one…

What do you think about the Church following the world’s ways? Do you think we are failing in many areas because of our love for money? Did this post speak to you in anyway??…


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