Demystifying the Fruit’s’ of the Spirit…

Love-Splash-Background-WallpaperOne camp in the Church focuses on the Fruit’s’ of the Spirit and another camp focuses on the Gifts of the Spirit. One believes that Character is important while the other is busy with Power. But the Bible doesn’t say one is more important than the other. If Character is more important why did Jesus operate in power? If Power is more important why did Jesus carry a flawless character?

Fruit of the Spirit and not Fruits:

We have been taught that there are 9 fruits of the Spirit but the Bible says-“Fruit of the Spirit and not Fruits”. Not only in our English translations but also in the Original language, it is in singular. So the Fruit of the Spirit is not this, this and that. The Fruit of the Spirit is Love and Love is peace, Love is joy or whatever. Love is self-control which is walking in purity and walking away from sin. Walking in Love is Walking in Purity.

 But the “fruit of the Spirit is love”-joy, peace, forbearance(patience), kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Galatians 5:22,23(NIV)(Emphasis Mine)

Love is patient, love is kind. 1 Corinthians 13:4(NIV)

Note: Many believe that the Fruit of the Spirit is the human spirit and not the Holy Spirit. It is not going to make a difference if we say “human born-again spirit” or “Holy Spirit” because during salvation our spirit becomes “one” with the Holy Spirit. But I teach as the Fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Did Paul say Love is more important than the Gifts?: 

The Fruit and Gifts of the Spirit are equally important. Jesus had both and God’s Word commands us to “desire spiritual gifts” and “walk in Love”. The fruit and gifts are like the “two wings of the Holy Spirit (Dove)”, you can’t fly with a single wing. You can’t fly high for Jesus with one of the two, you need them both. You need both Character and Power, to be a “Full” Christian. You can’t separate them both, separating the two which are one has given birth to “Half-Baked Christians”.

Paul’s “Love Chapter” has led many to say that “Only Love is important, forget the gifts”, but Paul must be some “multiple-personality-disorder affected psycho” to say “Desire the gifts” and then say “Forget it, Only Love is important”. As Paul is not some psycho, what he is really saying is-“The Gifts must operate through love”. Without Love the gifts are useless. Similarly, without the gifts Love is useless because “Love is expressed perfectly through the gifts”. If someone is sick, sitting by their side and allowing them to suffer is not Love. Healing them with the gift of healing is Love. So, “The Gifts must operate through Love(Fruit) and Love is expressed perfectly through the Gifts of the Spirit”. In God’s eyes both Love and Power, both Character and Power is important. We need them both to be healthy Christians and build up healthy Churches.

Note: Some believe the teaching that the “Gifts of the Spirit” passed away with the Apostolic era and for your kind information that is a demonic teaching. If the “Gifts of the Spirit” passed away, then the “Gift of salvation” should also have passed away leaving us all on the highway to hell!

Walking in the Fruit of the Spirit:

We have been told that “Character” takes time to build; “Fruits” take time to grow, you can’t be like Jesus and they are not like the “Gifts” of the Spirit which are gifts. This opens a way for Christians to give excuses-“It takes time and It is unattainable…We have to wait till Jesus comes. We can be pure only when we get to heaven. I’m just a sinner saved by grace”. We have also been taught how to “break our heads and burn our feet” to develop each of the “9 fruits”, while if we walk in Love then we will be walking in the other 8. Allow me to break down these dream castles…

Step 1: Understanding Salvation: Salvation doesn’t just mean forgiveness of sins; Salvation means “New birth, freedom from sin, new life”. You have been transformed from a Sinner into Son (or saint) and not just left as a “sinner saved by grace”. The old sinner died and the new Son has been born (born-again), that’s salvation. You just have a old, corrupted mind which needs to be straightened up.

Step 2: Understanding that you already have Divine Love (Fruit) in you: God is in you now; God is one with your spirit. If God is in you, then divine Love (Fruit of the Spirit) is in you because God is Love. So the Fruit of the Spirit is in you and you just have to learn to release it by renewing your mind.

Step 3: Understanding that it all comes down to Faith: We believe that we are saved by Faith but most of us forget that we have to live by Faith. If we have to live by faith, then we walk in Love by Faith and the starting point being-“I believe that God’s Love is in me. I can Love like God”. Praying to God to give you Love is like Praying to God to save you after getting saved. You have God’s Love in you, you are like God on the inside right now. Believe it first and step out. When you believe what you have and who you are in Christ, what you do will change. The Christian life doesn’t work by breaking your head with some rules set down by some preacher, Christian life works by Faith and by white-washing your head with God’s Word(Transforming(renewing) your mind or thinking).

If you have not read my post on “Love”, take time to read it to get deeper understanding-

You walk in Love by Walking in Faith. Remember Love is not just care and affection, Love is living like God. Walking in Love is walking in joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. 

I believe that I have demystified and made the “Fruit of the Spirit” clear to you. My Next post will be on the other wing of the Holy Spirit-Gifts of the Spirit. You need them both to fly high for Jesus. Stay tuned…

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