Delhi Rape..Who is to be blamed?

child-rapist1Delhi Rape…The girl has passed away….My heart aches…People state it as one of the horrible incidents in the history of India. Many were questioning God. Many protested against the government. I saw many Christians condemning the rapists and our government. Who is to be blamed??God or the government or the rapists.


It is not God because-God made man to be the god of this world. Humans lost their ownership to satan.Jesus defeated satan on the cross for us, and now it’s our turn to take authority over the earth.

Humans have a freewill and God is not up there compelling us to do good/bad. That settles it.


It is not the government because-Rapes still occur in Arab countries, where the punishments are very horrible. Our Government escapes from the blame list.


Ooops!!Listen up…….Rapists are not born, they are made. Rapists are made by pornography and the rated scenes in our movies. Many rapists are under construction and will come out anytime because pornography is everywhere.(Watching pornography is adultery). Rapists are out of the blame list too.


The Church..Yes the church is to be blamed. You and I are to be blamed. When the country was pointing their fingers on God…on the rapists…on the government..I was blaming myself for living a life that doesn’t possess the power to change my nation or just impact it to a certain limit. What were you doing? We have to go the mirror, look at our own face and blame ourselves for this tragedy. God has given us power and authority to thrash the devil, but we have been knocked out by him.

Jesus said “You are the light of the world”. Matthew 5:14.He didn’t say this to the rapists or the government. He said this to you, me, the church. Darkness reigns over this world because we have no light in us. We have no light in us because we are not walking with the true light,Jesus.History will speak with me….After revivalist Charles Finney conducted meetings in a town, the town was free from crimes for the next 6 months.Jaw dropping huh???

I know an incident more horrible than the “Delhi rape”..3 years ago a young girl was raped to death in India…But the worst part is…She was just 3 YEARS OLD. She was not a girl, she was a baby. Why was there no protest for that baby?..Sin is rampant..Times up…We need a revolution and we need it now…We have to stop playing games and fight…We have to stop building our own kingdom and start building God’s kingdom..The Church has to rise up in power…NOW!!!!

  “His incomparably great power for ‘us’ who believe”.Ephesians 1:19(NIV)

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