Daughters of God Rising…

Women have always been put under the feet of men or somewhere lower than Men both in the World and the Church. Women suppression starts in the Home, continues through school and college, intensifies after marriage and sticks till the grave. Did God create Women inferior to Men or a Little lower than Men?? Must women live as slaves to their Husbands?? Does God appoint only Male Leaders in the Church?? Does God call Women for His Kingdom’ work in the same way He calls men??…Dive in…

Warning Alert: It is a long post but don’t let the length of this post cheat you of the important truths delivered here. Just sit back and enjoy….

God’s original design and the Curse:

God designed Man and woman to be equals. He created them with different natures and features but with equal value. He didn’t tell Adam:”My Boy, you need a slave”, He said:”My boy, you need a Helper, a team mate, a co worker”. After the fall, a curse was dropped over the Woman:

Your Husband will rule over you or dominate you. Genesis 3:16

The Curse of Women being dominated by Men was the result of sin and not God’s original design. God created both Man and Woman with equal value but after the fall Men started dominating women and devalued them. Before the fall, God commissioned Adam to rule over and dominate the entire earth and Adam named all the living beings. You naming your Dog symbolizes that the Dog is your Dog and you’re its Master. You can’t name my Dog, You can’t name Obama’ Dog. You get to name only what is under you. Adam named all the animals and birds and this and that but He didn’t get to name the Woman. Only after the Fall, after the delivery of the curses Adam named the Woman as Eve symbolizing that She was under Him and He will dominate her.

Adam named his wife Eve. Genesis 3:20(The Fall happened in Genesis 3:1-7, The Curses were delivered in Genesis 3:14-19)

Jesus, the Curse Breaker:

The Curse of Women suppression was released because of sin and Jesus defeated sin in a “one-on-one match” on the cross. Sin has been defeated and that means the Curse that followed sin has been lifted. Jesus broke the Curse of Women Suppression so that Women can walk Shoulder to Shoulder with Men as Team mates and Co workers. God’s design of Man and Woman helping each other, building up each other, valuing each other was redeemed by Jesus, the Curse Breaker.

All those who have been disagreeing with me from the beginning of this post and thinking I’m wrong in saying Men and women are equal; you have reached a special verse where all the religious demons in you will be scared out at the sight of this verse from God’s Word:

There is neither Jew nor Greek, Slave nor free, MALE NOR FEMALE, for YOU ARE ALL ONE IN CHRIST JESUS. Galatians 3:28(NIV)

We are no longer Jews or Greeks or slaves or free men or EVEN MERELY MEN OR WOMEN, but WE ARE ALL THE SAME –WE ARE CHRISTIANS, WE ARE ONE IN CHRIST. Galatians 3:28(TLB)

In Christ’ Family, there can be NO DIVISION into Jew and Non Jew, slave and free, MALE AND FEMALE. Galatians 3:28.(MSG)

In Christ, there is No Gender difference. We are all equal; we are all God’s children in Christ. Anyone who devalues or dominates Women is Anti-Christ in nature. Anyone who discriminates Women in the society, inside the Church and in the pulpit is fighting God. Dear Fellas, Don’t mess with the Big Guy in Heaven!!!

Note:- Many write this verse off saying-“It is talking about salvation. Salvation is available both to male and female”. That is stupid. This verse is talking about “in Christ” and not “getting into Christ”. Paul is saying that there is no Gender difference for those who are in Christ, he is not talking about who can enter the salvation that is in Christ Jesus

Women in Marriage:

We have clearly seen that, Men and women are equal in value and that the curse that was dropped after the fall was lifted after the cross. I mentioned Galatians 3:28 in three different translations because lots of myths and false teachings have been developed by ignoring that verse and looking to other verses. The Bible will not contradict itself but it will contradict your false understanding of certain verses. Let’s dive into marriage now…

“Wives submit to your Husbands” is the sermon preached by most Husbands. A Pastor told his wife:”You must submit to Me and call me Lord like Sarah, Abraham’ wife”. Well and Good, those are bible verses but what they mean and what you “think” they mean makes the difference. Submission is a Biblical principle but Submission is not Domination. Submission is an act of your will while Domination is someone controlling your will. Submission is obeying someone because you want to obey; Domination is obeying someone because you have to. Submission is you making a choice; Domination is someone making you make a choice. God commanded Submission not Domination but Husbands install Domination in the name of Submission. That’s of the devil…

And there is something no one teaches- Submission doesn’t just apply to wives, it applies to every Christian. Every Christian must walk in submission and “Every Christian submitting” also includes Husbands. We must all submit to each other.

Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. Ephesians 5:21(NIV)

I can’t move to the next part without saying this:”Submission doesn’t mean total obedience”. My Husband said it and that settles it, My Parents said it and that settles it, My Pastor said and that settles it are all lies inspired by hell. The Only truth is:”God said it and that settles it”. When people tell you do something that is contrary to the ways of God, you have the right to say:”NO”. It can be your Pastor or your Father or the President, if what they say is wrong don’t listen to them. You have to Obey God first.

People who say wives must listen to “everything” their husbands say need help. They quote “Abraham and Sarah” from Peter’ book but fail to understand that in a certain instance GOD COMMANDED ABRAHAM TO LISTEN HIS WIFE, SARAH.

God said to him:”Listen to whatever Sarah tells you”. Genesis 21:12 (There goes the Garbage believed by the Church for too long)

Wives can disobey their Husbands, Children can disobey their parents, and Church members can disobey their Pastors “when they ask you to do what is contrary to the ways of God”. Disobey, Disagree in Love. I’m not saying you get to disobey in areas you don’t like; I said you get to disobey in areas where they miss God.

Am I saying that Husbands are not Head of the Family? No…I’m saying “Head” doesn’t mean ruling your house like Hitler, it means “More responsibility”, “Leading with example and instructions”.

Note: Some women go to the other extreme of dominating and manipulating their husbands which is equally evil and demonic. Husband is the Head of the family and he must be respected.

Women in Ministry:

Here comes my favorite part, Women in ministry..Women working for God’s Kingdom…It will be teeth breaking for the Religious nuts in our Church stages and in our Church seats. I grew up in Church seeing the Men dominating the area of Ministry. I know a Pastor and his family from my diaper days. The Pastor died years back and I was sitting in a meeting with this Pastor’ wife (Old lady). The Leader of that Church invited the Pastor’ wife to the front to pray. She prayed like a little girl, reciting Bible verses. She was nervous. I was confused. When I asked her why she was nervous and uncomfortable, she said:”That’s my first time”. My heart was broken hearing that.

Some of you will say:”That doesn’t happen in our Church. In our Church, Women get to sing and pray and sometimes preach on stage”. You are not hearing me right; there is No Gender difference in Christ so my question is: “Are Women Leading the Church in equal strength to Men?? Are Women holding Leadership positions like Men?? Are Women active in the Work of the Kingdom like Men??”. If No, then we have missed God. I believe the Men: Women ratio in Kingdom Leadership will be 98:2 and that’s not right. If there is no gender difference in Christ, then there is no gender difference in Church leadership and ministry. So, Women get to play in the same level and in the same magnitude as Men. God never said:”Women, stay at home and pray for the Men. Men, get on the field”. Women are not just called to be Prayer warriors but to be Warriors in the War zone, in the Battlefield. There goes the Castles of the Religious Nuts!!!…A little dose from the Bible:

  • Miriam, Moses’ sister was a Prophetess.
  • Deborah was a Prophetess.
  • Anna was a Prophetess.
  • Phobe was a Deaconess.
  • Junias was an Outstanding Apostle. (See Romans 16:7..I)
  • Priscilla, Mary, Tryphena, Tryphosa and Persis were Paul’ Co workers in the Work of the Kingdom.

God doesn’t have any problem in appointing Women as Apostles or Prophets or Senior Pastors, the Church has. The reason for lack of Women leaders in the Church is because men suppressed women by believing the lies of the devil, and women stayed out by believing the lies of the devil and men…Rise up, Women of God…Roar, Daughters of God.

Apostle Paul is not a Women hater:

Apostle Paul is considered to be a Women Hater by most because of his statements against Women. Before we decode his statements, let’s see that Paul was not a Women hater. Paul said :” Priscilla(Wife) and Aquila(Husband)” in Romans 16:3 which is against the normal practice of saying:”Mr. John and Mrs.Jessica John”. Paul named Priscilla before her husband and that doesn’t look like a Women hater.

  • Problem Passage 1:- 1 Timothy 2:11-14: Paul was writing this letter to Timothy asking him to correct the issues of false teachings in the Church( 1 Timothy 1:3- The Right translation is “Persons” or “Ones” not “Men”. It is a Gender neutral word there). Paul makes an “unusual turn” in these verses, He makes an “out of flow” statement, He goes from asking Women not to do this and that to explaining about Adam and Eve’ story(Verse 12 to 13). Why?? Because there were Women in the Ephesian Church who were going around teaching false doctrines and one of which was the twisting of Adam and Eve’ story. Historical evidences clearly declare that there were Women going around spreading False teachings in Ephesus in Paul’ time. Ephesians worshiped Artemis(Acts 19), a GODDESS and mostly women were influenced deeply by this cult. The Artemis cult preached “Women superiority” and it was also getting mixed with the teachings of God. So, Paul is commanding those women to be shut up not every woman. If He is commanding every woman to shut up, then how dare He have Women Leaders in His team? He had Women Co workers not Silent Workers…
  • Problem Passage 2:- 1 Corinthians 14:33-35: Paul wrote this letter to answer the questions the Corinthians had sent him through a letter. For example, they asked questions on Marriage and he answered their questions in Chapter 7. When clearly studied, in certain places, we can see that Paul is quoting the “questions or statements” the Corinthians had made in their letter to him. The Greek is very clear but the English version is not. These Controversial passages are statements from the letter the Corinthians sent to Paul and not his statement. He quotes their statements and answers them; he quotes their questions and gives his answers…that’s the style of Paul’ Letter to the Corinthians. If you don’t agree, then think for moment why Paul said in the same letter:

1 Corinthians 11:2-16: “Women should have their heads covered when prophesying in Church”. How can Women stay silent and Prophesy in the Church??

1 Corinthians 14:26:”When you come together: EVERYONE has a hymn, a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue and interpretation”. Everyone includes Women, If it is just for Men then Paul would have said Every Men.

1 Corinthians 14:31:” You can ALL Prophesy”. All means ALL. How can women prophesy IN THE CHURCH and stay silent IN THE CHURCH??? (Preaching is speaking about God but Prophesying Speaking for God. Preaching is just delivering the Words of God but Prophesying is delivering the Voice of God.)

Paul is contradicting himself, if what I said is not true. Paul was not suffering from Split personality disorder; He was just trying to answer the questions the Corinthians had. He was quoting their statements and giving his answers. Two passages that were tormenting women for ages have been brought down. Isolating these verses from the Bible and using them is the worst form of Bible interpretation. Interpret them in the Light of the entire Bible at the feet of the Holy Spirit and you will have the Truth. 

3 Great Women Warriors:

I want to share a little about 3 Mighty Women of God who have inspired my life. I don’t know whether you have heard about these Women or not, but I know that they were (are) feared in Hell and celebrated in Heaven.

  • Maria Woodworth Etter(1844-1924): A life sold out for God, a ministry that was “out of world” and unmatched, Maria stands tall in the Kingdom of God. When she shows up, the power of God will fall in a very intense way that crowds will go on the floor “without anyone pushing them down”. People would fall under God’s power, have trances and visions for hours, and wake up saved. The Fear of the Lord would grip the crowd with people going down in tears, convicted of their sins. Around 32 kms(20 miles) from the Meeting arena, People would be hit by God’s Power and will have visions in their homes and workplaces. It is also said that the Power and Presence of God was sensed 80 kms (50 miles) away from Maria. She had lot of oppositions but stood strong for the Lord and is well known for resurrecting spiritually dead and dark areas where men have failed in the Work of the Kingdom. Crazy Miracles, Signs and Wonders followed the Preaching of the Word everywhere she went. Mother Etter, as she was called, drives me nuts!!!
  • Kathryn Kuhlman(1907-1976): Kathryn, the women who sparked fire in Benny Hinn’ life is known for her intimacy with the Holy Spirit. When people were talking about the Holy Spirit in different platforms, She brought the Holy Spirit with her to her platforms. Once Jamie Buckingham slipped into the backstage to meet with Kathryn before her meeting but came back without meeting her saying:”She was talking with the Holy Spirit…It was as if two lovers were having a very intimate conversation and I didn’t want to disturb”. In another occasion, when Jamie was alone with Kathryn, the room got charged with so much of God’s presence that Jamie said:” I had to get out of the room or take off my shoes”. Kathryn introduced the Holy Spirit to Benny Hinn and Hinn has transferred it to our Generation. A crazy Woman of God, who loved hanging out with God.
  • Heidi Baker (1959-Present): Once I told my wife about Heidi Baker:”Oh dear, I Love this woman” and my wife didn’t hit me. She makes me cry, makes my heart burn for God and drives me to pursue deeper intimacy with God through her life and words. When I hear her life stories, I go in tears saying:”God, I want to love you like this woman and more…I want to love people like her”. Heidi with her Hubby Roland, has planted more than 10,000 Churches and they have established a lot of feeding programs, medical facilities, schools or whatever…name them all. THEY FEED OVER 10000 CHILDREN DAILY. She has seen the dead raised, food multiplied and all kinds of crazy miracles. She has been shot at, beaten up, been in shipwrecks and still goes on with her work. (Sounds like Apostle Paul naahhh)….Now you know, why I love this Woman. Before you bring your stupid theology against women, start 10000 Churches and feed 10000 children daily then come to talk with me. Think about this- What if Heidi stayed silent??…

Note: I would request you all to study more about these Women. Their life has blessed me a lot. Books and Resources:- Maria Woodworth Etter: “Signs and Wonders”, Kathryn Kuhlman: “Daughter of Destiny and God’s Generals”, Heidi baker: “Unlike the other two, She is alive now…So easy to dive into her life…Surf the net, Hit YouTube, Buy her books, Follow her on Facebook”.

Daughters of God Rising:

God is not going to tolerate religious games and women oppression any longer. I see an army of Daughters of God rising up with crazy boldness who will scare hell and shake earth. Daughters of God, who will speak the VERY WORDS OF GOD FRESH FROM HEAVEN. Daughters of God, who will carry the fire of heaven to set the world on fire for God. Daughters of God, who will be very intimate with God that when they show up God will show up. Daughters of God, who will walk in deep revelation and Crazy miraculous power. Crazy Lovers, Mighty warriors, Women the world has never seen before. Rise up, Daughters of God…Break free from Religious chains and Step out…Ignore the Religious nuts…Daddy wants to see you in action.

Daughters of God, ask God to burn these truths in your heart and to burn off every lies that have been dropped into you by Religious nuts and the devil. Know who you are, Know your identity. He has Great plans and a Mighty calling over your life. Ask Him to reveal it to you and stand tall for Daddy God. Don’t just stand behind your husbands; you have a Unique identity in God’s Kingdom. Don’t let fear and religious garbage chain you, Don’t be insecure…The Greater One lives in you and is always with you.

Sons of God, ask God for forgiveness if you have suppressed women in any way: in Church or marriage or whatever. Not standing for their Rights and privileges, Not empowering them is also equal to Suppressing women with Religious garbage. Don’t give me the junk every man gives:”My wife is behind my success”, Why don’t we stand behind them too??…Repent and Stand behind them, help them come out, Empower them to walk with God and to do great exploits for His Kingdom. Above all, Value them…Honor them.

In the Kingdom of God, there is No gender difference. We are different in nature but equal in value. In the Kingdom of God, Everyone gets to play. We are all One and equal in value. We must empower each other, encourage each other and work together for the expansion of His Kingdom. Daddy God is not pleased with the Today’s “Only Men show”…Rise up, Daughters of God…Okay now, I’m a Man.


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