Church fellowship Vs Church attendance

What is the Church actually? What does the Bible say about the Church? Jesus? Is He still the boss? What is His say? A large building with a cross on it’s head? A place you go to on a Sunday morning to watch a show with 3 fast songs, 2 slow songs and a 45 mins feel-good sermon? We are missing something really big, that it’s high time we do something about it.

What is the Church?

The Church is the family of God’s children. It is not a building you go to, it is the people who gather in a building. If two or three believers gather in a coffee shop in the Name of Jesus, that’s Church. Ouch…You don’t go to Church, you are the Church, you gather as the Church.

As most believers have the wrong idea of Church, that it is a place you go to watch someone sing and watch another guy preach, they settle for Church attendance. If you think, heaven is excited because you sat through a church service, you are wrong.

This is how the life of most Christians look on a Sunday morning:- You get on your Air conditioned car and drive to your Air conditioned Church. You will be greeted by the ushers. You sit on the same place you have been sitting for years. You lift your hands during the songs, you may look sad during the last two songs, a few tears once in a while. Then the preacher’s favorite time- Offering- you either tip God or drop more because the person next to you is looking at you. Then you sit through a 45 mins feel good sermon- you yawn 4 times and look at your watch 5 times(some of you even think about your afternoon plans during the sermon). Benediction, the best part of the day, you have permission to leave. You either run back home, run to your afternoon plans or if you have friends in your gathering you stay back for some Godless talk and then you are off.

What started of as a gathering of believers coming together “to engage with God, to learn about God, to worship God, to connect with each other, to build up each other” has evolved into a gathering of believers watching a show performed by the Pastor and his team. You may argue saying “we are worshiping together, we are hearing His word together”. Awwww…you can’t call that together, what’s happening is individuals singing alone to God and hearing God’s Word alone in a building surrounded by people who are doing the same. Our hearts must be connected for us to really worship together and learn together.

The Early Church

The Early church met together everyday. They had food together. They loved each other and stood for each other. Some even sold their houses and lands to help those who were in need. They were all united in heart and mind. They were one big family with God as their Dadda.

God is building a family on earth, not a bunch of loners.

The Church has no substitutes:-

Jesus didn’t design the Church in a way that only the Pastor and the Worship Leader gets to play. He designed Church in a way that everybody gets to play. The Church is described as the Body of Christ and in a healthy body, every part functions. We have prostituted Jesus’s design of the Church that we have a few entertaining us on stage and everybody else watching the show called “Church service”. Everybody gets to play, there are no substitutes. If there are substitutes, then there is something seriously wrong.

What then shall we say, brothers and sisters? When you come together, each of you(not just the Pastor) has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation. Everything must be done so that the church may be built up. 1 Corinthians 14:26

Why you should move from Church attendance to Church fellowship

Most of your troubles can be traced back to this- trying to do life alone. God designed life in a way that we will need each other. Life is relational, your destiny is relational, you can’t change that. I need people, you need people- God’s people.

When I say fellowship, I’m not talking about “cake and coffee” surface level fellowship. I’m talking about a deep family bond, a brothers in arms connection, a sanctified mafia gang relationship- where you have people in your life who are ready to take bullets for you.

A True Church fellowship is built on the blood of Jesus and stands for each other at the cost of their own blood.

Here are the pillars of true fellowship:-

  • Support:- Life becomes too hard to live when you lack support. You need people, bonded by the Blood of Jesus to stand with you and for you. If you don’t build healthy, deep relationships with other believers, your life will keep shaking beyond control. Yes, God helps us through various ways but you must understand that one of the primary ways He helps us is through people. Support, living-giving support is what a True Church would give.
  • Encouragement:- You lack the courage to live and face the storms of your life because of the lack of encouragement. EnCOURAGEment releases courage. Yes, God gives us encouragement through His Spirit and Word but you must also understand that He uses people to encourage you. If you don’t connect with God’s family, how will you receive encouragement?
  • Correction:- Life without correction is dangerous. Yes, God corrects us through His Spirit and through His Word but we carry a lot of filters in our minds that God has to use people to bring correction into our lives. God was not able to get through to David when he was with Bathsheba. God had to use Nathan to shake David out of his sin. Hello, you need Nathans to confront you when you are wrong. Do you have people in your life, who have access to tell you are wrong when you are wrong?
  • Destiny:- Destiny is relational. You can’t be a lone-wolf and walk in your destiny(Jesus called us sheep and not wolves). For some you will live out your destiny when you find out your people, for some you will find your destiny only after you find your people. Church visits may get you good messages and a good feel but true Church fellowship makes you aware of the destiny implanted in you. David and Jonathan, Elijah and Elisha, Moses and Joshua, Paul and Timothy are divine connections laid down in the Scriptures. How will you find your divine connections, if you just warm your seat on Sunday mornings?

If deep connections are not a part of your Church, then you need do some serious praying. If you have access to your Leader, you can throw a talk. If your Church is large, you can still make deep connections through small groups(again not the surface level connection that happens in the name of mid-week small group meetings).

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