Choosing your Life Partner

proposta-di-matrimonioGod has a “unique” plan for each of His children. He wants us to choose His will in “every” area of our life because He is the “only” one who knows what is best for us. We, humans with our limited knowledge don’t know what is best for us but our Heavenly Father knows everything about us and wants us to have the best. God’s will is the best. God has a wonderful plan for your marriage too. He wants you to marry the person He chooses because “He knows what you want more than you or your parents”.

Can I marry any Christian I want?:

Most Christians won’t miss God by marrying an unbeliever but many miss God by marrying the wrong Christian. This may shock many of you?  Yes, you can miss God by marrying the wrong Christian.

A dear sister told me that she was going to marry an unbeliever. I opposed her decision and finally she came out of it. (Most Christians know that we must not marry an unbeliever and they will easily say this was not God’s will).  She came to me again saying-“Am planning to marry this Christian boy. The boy’s Father has attended your Father’s meetings. They prayed and told me that it is God’s will”. I slammed-“No No…It is not God’s will”. (Many Christians will fail in this case because the boy is from a good Christian family.) But The Families went on with their preparations. A problem crawled in, both families fought with each other and the marriage was stopped. The Family that told it was God’s will, burst out during the fight saying-” We knew it was not God’s will”. Very Funny, playing with God’s will.(Maturity in Christ is not based on the years you have been a Christian or the Church you attend. It is based on your closeness with God. If you are close, you will hear Him)

It doesn’t matter whose meetings you attend or to which church you belong, if it is not God’s will you must walk out. Don’t settle for something below the best.

Does God have a Specific person for me? :

A world-renowned Prophet’s daughter was engaged. She went with her Father on a ministry trip, where she met a young preacher who also engaged. When they met, God told them individually that they have to marry each other. They prayed a lot, confirmed God’s will, broke their engagements and got married. Now they have a wonderful ministry together.

I believe with all of my heart that God has a specific person in His plan, to who you must be married. Are you ready to take bold decisions like this couple to be in God’s will?

Why God’s will is the best? :

Now, a peek into my life. Few months after my marriage, God said to me-“Son, do you see? I have fulfilled your “unsaid desires” too in your marriage”. I was blown away when He revealed to me what they were. They were little things which I have never prayed for or shared with anyone. God knew them and gave me a wife who had those “too”.

If I had chosen I would have found someone with the conditions I had on the surface. But as I trusted God and was led by Him in my marriage, even my hidden conditions were met.

There can be hidden or unsaid desires in us that even we won’t know or consider but God has them in His list. God’s will is the best, do you agree now?

The Genesis picture:

The Bible says that God made or prepared Eve for Adam. God prepared a “suitable” helper for Adam. God brought Eve to Adam. Only God knows who will suit you right. Every dress color doesn’t suit you right; similarly every man/woman out there will not suit you. Let them be cute, handsome, rich, in ministry…..all these doesn’t matter. What matters is- God’s Will. God’s will is the best for you. He has a man/woman prepared specifically for you. Will you Choose God’s will?

The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will “make” a helper “suitable” for him”…..Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and “God brought her to the man”. Genesis 2:18-22(NIV)

Finding God’s will in marriage:

  • Fast and pray till you “hear from God” about your life partner. Marriage is not a one-time event, it is a life long commitment so don’t take it lightly.
  • You must not pray with your answer, you must pray through and receive God’s answer. Don’t go to God with photos, go to Him and ask-“Lord, who is the person I must marry? Lead me”.
  • Parents, you must pray with your children and find out God’s will. Don’t consider about traditions, caste or money, be open to God. Don’t ever give place for these thoughts- “What will that aunty think? What will that Pastor think?”. If you know God’s will, bulldoze every aunty and pastor who comes in your way. Stand for God and your children.
  • Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. He may lead you in whatever way He wants to.
  • Even after finding God’s will, fast and pray for “confirmation”. Many Christians mistake their desires or views for God’s will.

Let us follow the Spirit’s leading in “every” part of our lives. Galatians 5:25(NLT)

God will only bless you to an extend if you marry anyone you want but He “can’t” bless you “much” or the way He wants if you are not in His perfect will.( I said God can’t and not God won’t)

God has specially prepared a person for you to marry. You can marry anyone you want but you will miss the right one if you don’t choose God’s will. Will you choose God’s will?

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