“Chains of Lust”- The Dangers of sexual sin

chained-handsSexual sin is one of the top-ranked sins. Rape, homosexuality, adultery, pornography and sex before marriage are the hot topics of our age.

My country, India is famous for rape and I heard a report recently stating that a “female police officer” was raped. (Punch, right in the face!). In Pakistan, unknown men pulled out a dead body of a 12 year old girl from the ground and had sex with the dead body.(Hell on earth!)

We see the advancements of sexual sin with our eyes but there is something we don’t see, we can’t see with our eyes-“Chains of Lust”.

Chains of Lust:

When God showed me about this, I remembered it was something I had not given importance in the past-“Soul ties”. I have heard people talk about it and have seen books on it but never dived in.

Chains of Lust are formed when you commit a sexual sin with someone. These “unseen chains” will keep you connected to the person and will harm you in various ways. Being chained simply means that you have been stripped out of freedom and are tormented in darkness.

So run away from sexual sin. It involves the body in a way that no other sin does. So if you commit sexual sin, you are sinning against your own body. 1 Corinthians 6:18(ERV)

Dangers of being chained:

  • It will strip you off your freedom and keeps you in darkness.
  • You will feel dry often and it will disturb your daily work.
  • You will continue in that sin.
  • It will affect your marriage, if not dealt with can destroy your marriage.
  • It will affect your relationship with others.
  • It will affect your walk with God.

Three ways by which these chains are formed:

1. Sex outside marriage:

Any sexual relationship or act outside marriage will harm “you”. It will create chains and you will be jailed. Sex was designed by God to be enjoyed in marriage and everything outside marriage is dog-like.

2. Sex before Marriage:

Dating and love-relationships without proper borders are in the increase. I know people who were in relationships (even sexual) but finally end up marrying another guy. (Poor fellows, who get used goods) You need to understand the unseen- you will be carrying the previous fellow into your relationship with the poor fellow. Even though you break your relationship with someone in the “seen”, there will be chains holding you to that person in the “unseen”.

What If I have an intimate relationship with the one am going to marry before I get married? Someone becomes your husband/wife “only” after marriage. The person you are seeing/dating/in love with is different from the person you will marry. It can be the same person, but they are different. So after marriage, you will be connected with the same person in two different ways-chained by marriage to your spouse and chained by lust to your lover (your spouse before marriage-same person).

Sex before marriage is dog-like and true love waits. If it’s true that true love waits then all the kissing, cuddling and intercourse before marriage is lust. Don’t call it love-making, call it lust-making. Satan has a deceptive way of mixing lust with love to destroy the purity of marriage.

(I will deal with this issue in detail in another post)

3. Virtual and Visual Prostitution:

People think that having illicit sex is only sin and every other stuff is okay. No my friend, it is not. Watching pornography or lusting after your fav actor/actress on screen is virtual prostitution. Lusting on a person with your eyes is visual prostitution. If you don’t agree, Ask Jesus

But I tell you that if anyone looks at a woman and wants to sin sexually with her, in his mind he has already done that sin with the woman. Matthew 5:28(NCV)

You can sin virtually or visually and end up hooked to the chains of lust. (This would have been a low-blow to many. Wonder, how many people you are connected with). Virtual and visual prostitution is also dog-like. Most of the world is hooked to the chains of lust by virtual/visual prostitution.

Now you know why you are not able to quit that sin- you’re chained!

(Take time to read my post on pornography-http://holyspiritrevolution.com/porn-has-more-fans-than-football/)

The Chains are breaking:

You don’t have to stay in chains. You can be released from the unseen chains of lust. The Name of Jesus has the power to break any kind of chain.

  • Confess your sin and repent. Don’t give reasons; take the complete blame on you.
  • Break the chains in Jesus Name and receive freedom by faith.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit for confirmation-“Am I free?”. Fight till you are free.
  • Keep your freedom by staying with God and running away from sexual sin.

God’s will is for you to be holy, so stay “away” from “all”sexual sin. 1 Thessalonians 4:3(NLT)

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Note: I have dealt with sexual sin here but there is more to know about “soul ties”. I request you to take time to read Prophet. Shyju Mathew’s blogpost on soul ties-http://shyjumathew.com/blog/2010/03/17/dangers-of-soul-ties/

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