Can I watch Conjuring 2 ???

Conjuring 2 is a horror film which got released recently, a sequel to the blockbuster Conjuring, directed by James Wan and written by “Christian” screenwriters Chad and Carey Hills. This flick has received a lot of buzz with a hot reception especially from teenagers and young adults. Everybody out there knows what this movie is about, demonic possession and exorcism. I’m not here to give you my review and rating of the movie, I’m going to stick to my title with some intro before the wagon.

My Intro:                                                                                                                                                         I believe, I’m eligible to handle this subject but you are free to go by your own judgement. I started watching Hollywood movies when I was 3. When you were watching cartoons and playing with toys, I was watching movies in VCR cassettes. I’m not saying all this, so that you can follow me or allow your kids to follow this way. I’m saying all this to tell you that I know the “in and out” of the movie world. Movie addiction is as dangerous as every addiction out there. Getting addicted to Horror flicks like Conjuring 2, can leave you messed up.

Leaving that behind, I have years of personal study and research on the subject of “demonology”. With that being said, I drive out demons in real life. As a Son of God, I kick out demons from people and get them free. I have seen demons talk, scream, curse, writhe like a snake, vomit, express violent behavior. Through my research, I have heard of everything you see in movies and more. I don’t know everything about demons, but I know enough to handle this subject.

Intro to Horror movies:-
Horror movies have been on stage for ages with different types of streams getting added up with the passage of time. From exorcism movies to zombie movies to slasher movies, it is an ocean. Everybody knows about the thrills and screams and jerks but only a few know about what happened during the making and after the release of some of these movies. During the making and after release of movies like Exorcist, Omen and Rosemary’ baby, unusual incidents have happened from “on-set fires” to “deaths” of those who acted and worked in the sets. Some claim that these movies were cursed.

If you are Horror movie fan, then listen to a Former Horror movie fan, awwww that’s me-“It’s not just entertainment”. Before I got saved, I used to spend my mid nights with horror movies, ALONE. It used the incidents in my life and pushed me into depression. Dark movies are DARK even if you watch them for entertainment. Some movies are purely occultic. Okay, let’s stop running a marathon and get back to Conjuring 2 😛

Intro to Conjuring 2:-
I have not watched this movie but I have watched Conjuring 1. “What? You did??”. Yes, I did. I don’t watch it for entertainment but for my study, to know what the world believes about the demonic. When I’m watching for my study, I’m alert and it is a different story. But when you watch it for entertainment, it has the power to affect you. You will know why soon. (Please don’t try to watch Horror movies, saying “NOT FOR ENTERTAINMENT BUT FOR STUDY” and get whacked.)

Even Conjuring has some stories of crazy things happening in the lives of the people involved in the project during the filming. You should ask James Wan?.

Okay. Conjuring is the exorcism encounters of Two Catholic exorcists, Ed and Lorraine Warren, with the wife possessing the gift of seeing(visions, seer). These guys are real and the movies have been inspired by their real life encounters. Please understand that the movie is not a documentary of the events, it is just an imaginative account with some reality here and there.
Their methods of exorcism or driving out demons have been there for ages but they are not biblical and not the way of Jesus, the demon slayer, who terrorized demons during His time on earth. Holy water, Reading scriptures, waving a cross and all the monkey acts look dramatic but that doesn’t make them right. When I get a call to deal with a demon, I just go with my T-shirt and jeans on. I don’t carry a cross or a bible, i just go. That’s what Jesus did. All these movies make deliverance different than what has been portrayed in the Bible. Jesus blasted demons with commands and we have to blast demons like Him, in His Name. It’s like-“You demon, I command you to get out right now in Jesus’ name” and not “Hey demon, look at the cross…I’m spraying Holy water on you…I’m going to get my Bible and torment you by reading verses…blah blah blah”. Get out in Jesus’ name will get the job done. I believe you have enough sense that you won’t build your theology on watching movies.

Note: There have been reports of people getting messed after watching Conjuring 2. A 65 yr old guy dropped down dead during one of it’s scariest scenes in Thiruvannamalai town. These were all external but I strongly believe that there has been a mass demonic transfer through this movie which is working under disguise in the lives of many.

How Movies affect you?
First things first, demons/evil spirits are real. If you don’t believe in them, you need to take your thumb out of your mouth and grow up. There is a spiritual world, which is as real as the physical world.

  • “Your Imagination, Your mind is the door to the spiritual”. Everything you watch, gets painted in your imagination and stored into your mind. When you watch something for entertainment, your mind is open and unguarded, and will allow anything that wants to get in. We watch movies for entertainment, so it is important to WATCH what you WATCH. Porn movies/ Sensual movies have the power to lead you into sexual sin and adultery. Gory/violent movies have the power to make you a violent person. Similarly, horror movies open the door for demonic forces to invade your life, especially fear. Why? Because your mind is the door. When you open it wide in the name of entertainment like a baby bird opening its mouth to receive food, demons are going to check in.

More than anything you guard, protect your mind, for life flows from it. Proverbs 4:23(CEB)- What you allow into your mind is what makes who you will be or what you will be like. Input determines the Output. Violent images create a Violent You. Fearful images create a Fearful You.

  • “Scary scenes that cause fear unlock your life to the spiritual”. 8 out 10 people are tormented by fear. Fear is not something normal, it is a spiritual force, it is a demonic spirit. Horror movies induce fear- you will be either one- the one who jerks and screams in fear or the one who sits calm, smiles, laughs, all the while “hiding his fear” and acting bold. You can lie about not having any fear while watching these movies but fear covered under a mask is still fear. During those jerks and screams caused by scary scenes, your life gets exposed to the demonic ( Your “I’m bold” mask won’t help). Fear is the common spirit that gets an entry into your life, which after entering and taking root, invites his friends for dinner.

For God has not given us a “spirit of fear”, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7(NKJV)- See, Fear is not a normal human emotion. It is a demonic spirit. 

  • “Deception is the devil’s first name”. Many think-“I watch horror movies, nothing affects me. Why are you making it a big deal?”. First, not everyone who watches a horror movie is going to end up possessed. There are different levels of demonic attacks, in which only the full blown possession will have crazy, weird manifestations. In the other levels, “demons will blend into your lives” that you won’t even dream of having a demon affecting your life. The devil, the master of deception, works in this way so that many people will let demons take root in their life because darkness works better when not exposed. Demons don’t enter your life saying-“Hey, I’m checking into your life…I will be bringing my friends too after a week..Hope you don’t mind, me staying in your life and destroying your life slowly”. Demons don’t ring the bell, they just enter in a sly way. Fear, depression, anger, suicidal tendency are some of the demonic manifestations seen in those who open themselves to movies like this.
  • “Movies can operate as portals”. If you are movie lover, you would know what a portal is. It takes you from one world to another or whatever, remember those adventure/fantasy movies? Horror movies can operate as portals, they can transport demons and curses into your life. In the same way, objects carry demonic powers, movies do too.

I’m not afraid of demons, why can’t I watch?
Jesus has defeated the devil and has given us authority over every demonic force. We don’t have to fear the demonic. Fear is a negative force and we must not fear anything. I don’t fear the devil and his demons but I won’t be playing in the devil’s backyard. If I’m going to his backyard, it will be to punch the hell out of him and not to play “hide & seek” with him. Jesus gave us authority to drive out demons not to party with demons. Many have had a huge fall after stepping out into darkness, “thinking” they were bold and powerful, when in reality they were not. Even though these movies end with the light conquering darkness, you are exposed to 2 hours of darkness games and a few minutes climax with the light gaining victory. Your mind gets more of darkness games and less of light gaining victory, and the result will be darkness not light. 

If it is possible to watch porn and not lust, then it is possible to watch a horror movie and not open a door. You know, I know and the devil knows that the former is impossible. Same with the latter. Anything that can get into your mind, get into imagination has the power to affect you either under disguise like a slow poison or with heavy after-effects. There was a young guy who got obsessed with Hitler. He had Hitler posters all over his room. One day, He gets up in Church and starts walking towards the pulpit speaking in “GERMAN”. The Pastor, a spiritual man, knowing that a demon was involved, took a against what was happening. The demon spoke through the young guy-“I’m one of the demons that was in Hitler”. Get it? This guy watched posters of Hitler not some demonic movie and a portal was opened for a demon that was in Hitler, to enter him. Our Imagination is powerful, in what way is determined by what you let into your mind. I KNOW PEOPLE WHO HAVE LEFT THE FAITH BY WATCHING A LOT OF MOVIES BECAUSE LYING SPIRITS GOT IN AND MADE THEM DOUBT GOD. As I already said, most of the operations of the demonic will look natural that you won’t even know that a demon is at work. That’s the great deception people have fallen into and many have turned their backs on the faith in the end.

 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Philippians 4:8(NIV)

Note:- Please understand that I don’t believe that watching movies in itself is sin. Watching bad movies is wrong, Watching movies in a way that takes you away from God is wrong. I’m saying you must be under control on what you watch and not let everything that gets released get into your mind. A powerful person says- “I will” and “I won’t”.

Am I asking you not to Watch?:-                                                                                                       The Writers of the movie have declared that the movie is about “Good conquering evil”. These guys pray, have Faith in God and are declaring that they are using their talent for God. Well and Good is their motive, but do they know anything about how the demonic functions is a big question mark. You can check out their interview with Christian post here:-

It is up to you. I’m not you to tell you what you must do. You have the power to choose, what you will do in your life. Watching movies is not wrong in itself, what you watch determines whether it is wrong or not. Wisdom is being selective of what you watch- staying away from movies with horror, sexual, violent and foul-language tones is good for your spiritual, mental and physical well-being. WATCH what you WATCH. At the end of day, you have to decide what you are going to do. But don’t let your kids watch it, that’s against the law. It is a R rated movie. Ed Warren is dead and Lorraine Warren is still alive. Whatever, who cares. Guard your heart and mind. What are you going to do??…I would love to hear your views on this subject. Drop your comments…


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