Can Christians have demons in them?

Demonic1Christians flood me with a lot of questions but no one has ever asked me this question-Can Christians have demons in them? The reason behind this is that there is a big void in the teaching of demons in the Church. Some Christians believe that once we are saved we are safe, some don’t even think of demons. Jesus dealt with demons, first century believers dealt with demons and we also need to. Demons are real and most of our issues are because of them. Any Church that doesn’t cast out demons and heal the sick is not a New Testament Church.

Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.1 Peter 5:8,9(NLT)

Peter is warning Christians and not the people of the world. Now lets get to the truth: Christians can be “oppressed” by demons. I was shocked when I started recognizing demons in Christians. The worst part is they continue with these demons in them because of wrong teaching-“You’re saved so demons can’t touch you”. (Wait a minute…Don’t be shocked with this; I have a harder truth to knock you off.)

Possession Vs Oppression:

Let me install some basics into you before we enter into this. Man is a 3-dimensional being. Man is a spirit, he has a soul and he lives in a body.

Spirit- inner man or real man- to connect with the spiritual world.

Soul- will, intellect, emotions- to connect with the mental world.

Body- Outer man or physical man- to connect with the physical world.

When you get saved, your spirit is born-again. Holy Spirit comes into your spirit or becomes one with your spirit. If you are a Christian, Holy Spirit (God) is in your spirit. Now we will dive in:

Possession: A person is possessed when a demon enters his spirit and controls the entirety of a person. In simple terms- a demon becomes your owner.

Oppression: A person is oppressed when a demon enters his mind or body. In simple terms-a demon attacks or influences or chains you.

A Christian can be oppressed by demons but not be possessed because Holy Spirit is in his/her spirit. God and satan will not be roommates. Half-truth is not truth. Let me give you the full truth. Christians cannot be possessed by demons but they can be possessed if they reject Jesus (coz when they reject Jesus they are not Christians anymore). Hard truth!

The main weapon of satan is his “mouth”. He will deceive you and seduce you with his words. You will start to live according to the ways of satan. At one point you will find that Jesus is standing in your way. You will reject Him, Holy Spirit will leave you and you will be possessed. Don’t be shocked, it is in the Bible (Falling from grace, Sin that leads to death, Cannot be brought back to Christ, Insulting the Spirit of grace-Heb 6:4-6,Heb 10:26-29,Matt 24:13,Rom 11:11-22,1 Tim 4:1,! John 5:16). You can read in detail about this here-

(Note: Legendary Bible teacher, Derek prince had a spirit of depression during his early days of ministry. He received deliverance and then God used him powerfully in the area of deliverance.)

Demons at Work:

We are either influenced by the Holy Spirit or demonic spirits. Your actions, your words and thoughts will show who is influencing you. Most Christians are under demons but think-“It will be like this. Nothing can be done” or “It’s normal”. They don’t even recognize the presence or influence of demons in their lives.

Some people have fear for certain things. People call it “phobias” but the Bible calls fear, a spirit.

Some people get angry often. People say it’s a human expression but you must also know that it can also be demonic.

Some people are depressed or sad most of the time. They consult doctors or psychiatrists but they don’t need medical treatment they need spiritual treatment (deliverance) because the Bible calls depression, a spirit.

Some people repeat the same sin for ages and wonder why they are hooked to it. My friend, a demon has chained you in that sin.

For God has not given us a “spirit of fear”, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.1 Timothy 1:7(NKJV)

The garment of praise for the “spirit of heaviness”.Isaiah 61:3(NKJV)

Welcoming demons:

If we don’t renew our minds with God’s Word and sacrifice our bodies as an offering we will be welcoming demons in. You open the doors for demons through continuing in any sin or ungodly expression.

If you entertain fear or anger for a long time, you will open the door for the particular spirits. If you continue watching pornography, masturbating or lusting after the opposite sex, you will open the door for the spirit of lust.

Let me give you a list of demons: Religious spirit, lying spirit, spirit of lust, spirit of anger, spirit of murder, spirit of death, spirit of fear, spirit of depression, spirit of pride, spirit of gluttony(over eating), spirit of gossip(criticism) and many more. (“Religious spirit” cannot be easily expelled. Not that it is more powerful but because the people who are religious don’t want to be delivered. “Spirit of lust” is a spirit which is “on fire” for satan. Popularity of pornography and increase in sexual abuses, illicit relationships, homosexuality, sex before marriage are signs of the massive works of the spirit of lust.)

During many instances, Jesus casted out demons to deliver people from sickness. Not all sickness is because of the presence of demons but satan is behind every sickness either directly or indirectly. Satan is the author of sickness. Doctors have no answer for many diseases because demons don’t submit on hearing the name of the doctor; demons don’t run away on seeing medicines. Demons submit on hearing the Name of Jesus and run away when they encounter the power of the Holy Spirit.

A woman was there who had been “crippled by a spirit” for eighteen years. She was bent over and could not straighten up at all.Luke 13:11(NIV)

We need to be careful of what we watch, listen to and touch. Some movies, songs, t.v programs, articles carry demons with them. We must also be careful with our associations with people because we can be affected by the demons in them.

Authority over demons:

The story doesn’t end there. Jesus has given “us” authority over demons. As Christians, we have the right to use the Name of Jesus and at the name of Jesus demons surrender. (Matthew 10:8, Luke 10:19, Mark 16:17-18). Get this truth into your heart and deal with your problem. Let your deliverance begin:

  • Be bold because you have God in you so you are greater than demons.
  • Every issue was finished on the cross. Believe and receive the complete work of Christ.
  • Repent of every known sin. Forgive everyone you need to forgive.
  • You have to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit to recognize the presence of demons.
  • You can’t be delivered if you don’t admit your problem and seek deliverance.
  • You can be delivered from every demon but you must understand that demons will try to re-enter. The Bible says so. You must learn to keep your deliverance.

(You can also consult men of God or mature believers, who deal with demons for your deliverance.)

Freedom from demons:

To live a demon-free life, follow these:

  • Pray at all times
  • Spend hours in God’s Word daily
  • Fast often
  • Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
  • Plead the blood of Jesus.

Do you know this truth before?Have you recognized the operation of demons?.We believe that this post has blessed you…If you have further questions, drop a comment below!



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