You can beat the devil and stop darkness

The devil is your archenemy. The devil and his demons are the ones who are stirring up trouble for you everywhere. They are behind every darkness in this world. They are ones who are stirring up chaos everywhere, putting sickness on people, encouraging people into immorality, disturbing the peace and unity of families, blah blah blah. If you are someone who is pissed off, seeing all the bad things happening around you but not able to do something about it, then you have made the right decision to click this post. Let me tell this, you can stand against and stop every bad, evil and dark stuff that happens around you. You just need to know what is stopping you. Are you ready to change the world around you? Ready, Set, Go…

Know your Enemy:-
God is a Good God and He is always working for your good and the good of mankind. The Most famous verse in the bible says “God so loved the world” and that’s it. Settle that in your mind. Against popular opinion, God is not the one behind every bad thing that’s happening to you or the world around you. It is the devil who comes to steal, kill and destroy and He is doing his job perfectly because we are not doing our job. God doesn’t just fly from heaven to here and there like Superman and save the world because He gave the earth to humans and asked them to take care of it. God is the owner of the earth but as humans we are the leased owners of this earth. In the physical, a owner won’t enter his house and eat from the kitchen after he has given his house on lease to someone else. In the same way, God is not going to enter the game just like that but He has given us everything we need to play the game and win. He is up there watching-“There is darkness here, What will My Son do?…There is darkness there, What will My Daughter do?…Guys, Go get them bad devil”.

The devil is our enemy and He is the one who is causing bad things to happen to us and the people around us, and it’s our job to stop Him.

The Reason We don’t do What we have to do:

The Reason we don’t do what we have to do is FEAR. Fear of the unknown, Fear of failure and list goes on. We have been trained to play it nice and safe, that’s pure evil I say. Someone is getting beaten up on the street, we have been taught to quietly sneak out of that place. Someone does something wrong and we see it, we have been told to cover it up. Some beggar comes near you, drop money and move because you may get sick by being near them. Watch the News, Put on some sensitive Facebook posts and that’s it. Don’t think about fighting against corruption and rape, Don’t think about stepping the poor and needy, just mind your own business because you can get hurt. Those people who do bad things have great influence and power, so don’t stand against them, they will crush you. Don’t know whether every baby gets injected with vaccinations, but every baby born into this world gets injected with fear by the family and the society. Fear, Fear, Fear all along….Statistics say that 7 out of 10 people are beaten down up by Fear.

A Story from My Life:

When I was young and before I got saved, I wanted to become a Police Officer. When everybody in my class will say all those comfortable stuffs like “Doctor, Pilot, Teacher, Scientist…blah blah blah”, I would get up and say to the surprise of everyone-“I want to become a Police officer and fight crime”. I used to watch cartoons and cop movies, and go-“I’m going to grow up and do good. I’m going to fight the bad guys”. In the Cartoons and Movies, the Good guy always wins but people started telling me that it won’t work reality. They will tell me-“You can’t do any good by becoming a police officer. They will play ball with you. People over you will crush you and keep you from doing good”. I wanted someone to pat on my shoulder and say-“Son, you are going to be a Great police officer. You are going to stop darkness everywhere you go”. I was being injected with Fear from all sides…

Then Jesus shows up in My life, turns everything around and recruits me. Now, as a Son of God, I get to do what I wanted to do- stop darkness. I learnt that I didn’t have to be a police officer to stop darkness, I just had to become who God really created me to be- His Son. By believing in Jesus, I become a Son of God and God started injecting boldness in Me. He started saying-“Go do that, Go do this…Get down and help that person….Stop and rescue that person” and it was very uncomfortable because all my life even though I wanted to stop darkness and stuff, I was injected with fear. Fear grabs your neck, when you try to do something uncomfortable or try to do something you have never done before. But God was persistent in pushing me off the cliff, it was always-“Son, Jump..Jump…Jump”. From Taking a stand for what is right to hanging out with the poor and unclean to loving drunkards and sinners. God has dragged me to do stuff and every time fear was right there pushing me behind. Fear is stopping you from stopping darkness. Fear is stopping you from getting out of the nice and comfortable life you have build for yourself.

The connection between Cockroach and the devil:
Fear is not something normal, as most people believe. Fear is evil and demonic. Fear is a demonic spirit. Hell’s main missile against you is Fear. You don’t have to let fear stop you because Jesus has set us free from fear.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7(NKJV)- See the tense here, it is in past tense. Jesus has set you free from free and filled you with power, love and a sound mind. Just believe. 

The devil has injected fear in mankind and it is getting transferred from generation to generation. I don’t know about you but I have made up my mind to teach my children to get out and take risks. Similar to the fear of stepping out to stop darkness or taking a stand against bad stuff, there is another fear- Fear of cockroaches. Katsaridaphobia or Cockroach phobia is not just your secret fear, tens of millions around the world have this fear. Richard Kaae, an entomologist at California state University, has declared that the most feared insect is cockroach. Now to the truth part, Cockroaches can’t kill you, they can’t bite you or hurt you in anyway. They are just yucky beyond that they are harmless. We have been trained to fear cockroaches and we went with flow and never sat back at thought about it. You hug a Big Dog but run from a cockroach, You kiss a Cat but run from a rat. Sounds stupid naaahhh…You can just kill the cockroach at the snap of your finger- raise your right foot, let it go down in force and the cockroach goes splaaatttttt….That’s how simple it is slam one of man’s “fearful enemy”. Fear keeps you from acting and the cockroach in your kitchen takes advantage of it and roams around your house, snores in your kitchen and takes lazy walks over your food. The cockroach’s burial is just a step out of fear. Do you see the problem is not with cockroaches but fear.

Similarly, the devil’s burial is just a step out of fear. Jesus has defeated the devil and his demons through His finished work. We have received with the Authority and Power of God through Jesus. The devil and his demons are no match for us because God lives in us. But Fear of the unknown, Fear of stepping out, Fear of taking a stand, Fear of fighting darkness, Fear of the devil keeps us in the defense. Like the cockroach, the devil can’t touch you but if you let fear slip in, you are doomed. Like the cockroach story, we have received a bunch of lies that keep us from stepping out for God and taking a stand against dark forces. Fear is the culprit and you being in fear let’s the devil hit homeruns but if you just get out of fear, then the devil has to back off. The devil fears those who don’t have anything to fear. Don’t give into the lies your Momma, Dadda and Pastor taught you. You have been called for Greatness, to blast the kingdom of hell. You are untouchable and unstoppable because the Greater One lives in you. You just have to get rid of fear and fear is connected with believing lies. Like the Lie of Scariness of the cockroach, we have let lies into our lives that keep us from living for God and living against darkness.

Bullets to shoot Fear down and Stand up for God :-

  • Recognize your enemy. The devil is your enemy, fear is your enemy. If you don’t know who your enemy is, you will be boxing in the air.
  • Detect the Lies that you are believing and replace them with the truth. Playing it nice and safe, living a comfortable life is not normal, it is of the devil. You have been called to go around doing good works, destroying the works of the devil.
    Resist the devil, Resist every fear. Go against your fears and do what you fear. You heard me right. Do what you can’t do, Do what you don’t want to do because you don’t need faith to do what you can do.
  • Develop a lifestyle of taking risks. When everybody backs off, step forward. Start with the little stuffs and grow.
  • Meditate and Speak out loud who you are and what you have in Christ. You don’t have fear, you have Power, Love and Self control.
  • Hang out with Bold Men and Women of Faith. Boldness is transferable .
  • Get Filled with the Holy Spirit again. Baptism of the Holy Spirit is both an one time and a continuous event. There is an initial encounter but there must also be encounters that follow. Acts 2, they got filled and Acts 4, they get filled again. The Result was not just miracles but SCARY BOLDNESS. Boldness that will scare the hell out of the devil comes by having an encounter with God. Pray and believe God for encounters, re-fillings of the Holy Spirit that will leave you Bold.

 Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with “great boldness”. Stretch out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus.” After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken.And they were all “filled with the Holy Spirit” and spoke the word of God “boldly”. Acts 4:20-31(NIV)- When the devil stirred up opposition against the Early Church, they didn’t beg God to help them out, they prayed for boldness so that they can go do more damage to the kingdom of hell. Boldness is the key.

The wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion. Proverbs 28:1(NIV)– You are righteous in Christ, so you are bold as a Lion. Just believe, remove fear and step out against the devil and his demons. 

Fear creates an illusion and keeps you from your destiny. Fear will rob you everything you have to do in life. Resist fear and step out to fight darkness. You are the Light of this world, shine your Light. Live life in a way that hell knows your nickname. Stand Up….


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