A Better Way to Pray- Andrew Wommack

Prayer has always been one of the central subjects of the Church through the ages. Look at the prayer section in the library of the Church, you will find precious gems like “E.B bounds on Prayer”, “Why Revival Tarries” and “Practicing the Presence of God. In light of those classics, Andrew Wommack’s book “A Better way to pray” is still a game changer.

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Andrew Wommack shines brighter as a writer than a speaker. With his blunt punch lines and left-handed humour, He will fire truths with a Bible-Machine gun that only humility can keep you from being offended. With Andrew and his teachings, there is no place for compromise. He throws the truth at your face, as it is presented in the Bible.

Why you should read this book:- 

  • Prayers that get answers is everyone’s deal and this book hits the target for sure. You won’t be disappointed, you will start seeing your prayers answered.
  • Andrew will settle the long standing debate in your mind- God is not the problem, you are. The problem is not in the answering end, but in the praying ans answering end.
  • You will receive practical keys to move away from the wrong ways of praying we have inherited through tradition and move into a better way to pray.
  • You will feel light when it comes to prayer because you will come out of this book with the thought that God wants to answer your prayer more than you want your prayers answered.
  • You will be fed with the truth that will alter your perspective of prayer totally- the finished work of Jesus Christ and how everything you need has already been provided in Christ. You will understand that prayer is all about receiving by believing and not about motivating God to do something.

“Prayer is not trying to twist God’s arm to make Him do something. Prayer is receiving by faith what He has already done!” ― Andrew Wommack, A Better Way to Pray. 

  • Most books put the weight on your praying, while this book puts the weight on believing.

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