Believer’s Authority- Kenneth E Hagin

Believer’s Authority by Kenneth E Hagin is one of the most important book that has to be placed in the hands of every believer. Believer’s authority is the subject that should be taught in every Bible school and every Church, and Kenneth E Hagin hits a homerun in this masterpiece. The message in this book has been life-changing for many, it can be yours too, if you study it with an open heart.

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Kenneth E Hagin starts this book with the Prayers of Paul in Ephesians. He recommends praying those prayers over our own lives and over others, I would highly recommend praying those prayers too.

“Some think that authority over the devil belongs to only a few chosen people to whom God has given special power. It doesn’t; it belongs to all the children of God.”
― Kenneth E. Hagin, Believer’s Authority

You need this book:-

  • You need this book, if you are feeling powerless against life’s storms.
  • You need this book, if you are sick and suffering,
  • You need this book, if you are tormented by demons.
  • You need this book, if you are not able to handle your thoughts and emotions.
  • You need this book, if you want to live a victorious life.
  • You need this book, if you want to heal the sick.
  • You need this book, if you want to operate in deliverance- drive out demons.

What will you get out of this book:-

  1. You will learn that Golden truth- as a child of God, you have authority. You have authority over circumstances, over demons and over the storms of life.
  2. You will understand that as a Child of God, you can live powerfully on this earth- you can reign in life because of what Jesus did for you. He didn’t just forgive you, He transformed you and gave you authority to be victorious.
  3. You will have a faith explosion to live like Jesus and the Apostles- healing the sick, scaring out demons, disturbing funeral services and stopping storms.
  4. You will stop living at the mercy of the devil and will learn to whip the devil mercilessly. You won’t be running from him, he will be running from you.

Authority in Christ:-

Every child of God has authority in Christ- spiritual, supernatural authority. The authority we have in Christ is like the ones police officers have in the physical realm to stop crime and stop the bad guys. Do we have authority, that most people in the Church don’t know of? We have authority to stop the forces of darkness from damaging our lives and the lives of those around us.

I have a collection of Kenneth E Hagin books. Most of them, where my inheritance from my deceased Father, Dr.Justin Prabakaran. If I had to recommend one book by Kenneth E Hagin, I will vote for Believer’s Authority.

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