At last, Free from sin

The Greatest problem for a Genuine Christian is Sin. Gets saved, Desires to Live for God and Be Good but falls into sin again and again. Some keep fighting sin, Some get pissed off ending up guilty and Some pat their own shoulders saying:”It is going to be like this till we get to heaven. God understands”. I don’t know which state you are in, but I have got good news for you:”You can be Free from your sins”. After years of prayer and study and pursuit, I believe I have unlocked truths that will release freedom in your life. At last, Free from Sin…It is going to be long but it will be worth your time.

Jesus, Our Saviour:

Jesus is our Saviour not just our Forgiver. A Saviour is someone who saves you from something. If Jesus is your Saviour, then He saves you from sin like someone saving you from water when you are drowning. Jesus didn’t just die for your forgiveness; He died to set you free from sin and make you New. Simple and basic as it sounds, we don’t get it. We claim that Jesus is our Saviour but we don’t really get it. If the Church really got this, then we won’t have “it doesn’t matter what you do” sermons being delivered from our pulpits. Grace is not the Big cover up, it is the Big Power up. Grace doesn’t cover your sins and say:”Its okay”, Grace empowers you to slap sin out of your life. Grace is what Jesus has done for you, Grace is the ability to walk in what Jesus has done for you, Grace is the empowerment given to us freely so that we can live like Jesus and you access Grace by Faith.

Note: The Truths I’m going to share may be hard grasp to some, so read again and again. Be persistent, you will get it for sure. God was trying to get these truths to Me from the start but I pushed it away as it was way beyond my brain. Then Later, when I was getting it I will have demonic voices telling me that what I was receiving was not true. It took time for me to stand on these truths because all I heard was “God loves you, sin doesn’t matter”, “God’s grace covers our sins”, “We will keep sinning till we get to heaven”. Now that I have taken root in these truths, I believe I can deliver it to you in a way that you will walk away free from sin after reading this post. Jesus said:” The truth will set you free” , so let’s dig into what the Person of Truth, Jesus has done for us and receive the Truths of His Finished Work.

The Violent Cross:

We have to learn certain biblical concepts like “CRUCIFIXION, DEATH AND CIRCUMCISION” to understand what Jesus did on the cross and has done in our lives during our salvation experience or when we received Him. All three mean “Death or cutting off or killing”.

Many have believed the lie that we will always have something in us wanting to sin. We have been told that there are two opposite natures or forces always in battle on the inside of us. We have to fight the Bad nature and allow the Good nature to be in control. (That means we are all like the Psycho killers we see in Hollywood movies). The Bad nature in man that desires to sin is called the flesh or the sinful nature. Whatever, If you are a Born again Christian then You don’t have a Good nature and a Sinful nature nature in you. You don’t have God’s nature and the devil’s nature in you. You don’t have split personality disorder. You don’t have a Sinful nature now. You are a new creation. You have God’s nature in you. Your sinful nature was crucified on the cross, the Old guy who loved to sin is dead, sin and sinful nature has been circumcised. You have been set free and Made New in Christ. Remember what “CRUCIFIXION, DEATH AND CIRCUMCISION” mean, don’t forget!!!

The cross is not for moving you from “Sin-Sin-Sin” cycle to “Sin-Forgiveness-Sin-Forgiveness” cycle, the cross is for killing the sinner. You died as a Sinner, and then you got Born AGAIN as a NEW CREATION. The old sinner died, now you are a Saint, you are a son of God, a daughter of God, a new creation. You were mystically on the cross with Jesus. You don’t have a sinful nature or a flesh that drives you to sin; it was removed once and for all.

If you are John, Sinner John died when He received Jesus and Saint John was Born. Saint John is a New Creation. Salvation experience is a transformative experience not just a forgiveness experience. New Creation means NEW creation and a New creation is totally different from the old creations (Non believers). Your New Mobile doesn’t function like your Old Mobile, in the same way New Creations function differently than the old creations. They are not beaten down by sin like the old creations.

Read these verses carefully, they are in “past tense”. God is not going to, He has already done it. Your sinful nature is gone, dead, cut off, put off…You are a New Creation set free from Sin.

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, He is a New creation. Old things “have passed away”, behold, ALL things have been made New. 2 Corinthians 5:17(NKJV)

I “have been crucified” with Christ. Galatians 2:20(NIV)

Those who belong to Christ “have crucified the sinful nature” with its passions and desires. Galatians 5:24(NIV)

In Him, “you were also circumcised, in the putting off of the sinful nature”. Colossians 2:11(NIV)

“You died” and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. Colossians 3:3(NIV)

What shall we say then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? By no means. (This is God’s answer for Grace and Sin, many have a different answer). We “died to sin”. How can we live in it any longer?? Romans 6:1, 2(NIV)

For we know that “our old self was crucified with Him”, so that the body of sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves to sin: because “anyone who has died” has been “freed from sin”. Romans 6:6, 7(NIV)

You “have been set free from sin” and have become slaves to God. Romans 6:22(NIV)

All these verses are in past tense, they are talking about a finished act. You have been set free from sin, You have been Made New, Your sinful nature is gone, You have died to sin.

Jesus’s Finished Work and You:

Jesus died, The Old You died.

Jesus was buried, The Old You was buried.

Jesus was resurrected, The New You was resurrected or Born again.

Jesus ascended to Heaven, You also ascended.

God raised us up with Christ and seated us with Him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus. Ephesians 2:6(NIV)(It is in past tense, you are seated in heaven spiritually, Now)

You were “mystically” with Jesus, when He did the redemption work. When you believe in Him Now: you die, get buried, Born again and sit in heaven with Christ. Getting it?? I’m taking you somewhere, Hold on.

Marriage and Death:

The concept of death can be seen clearly with marriage. In marriage, the covenant or the connection breaks only when there is death. When the Husband dies, the wife is set free from the marriage hold. Only death sets a person free from marriage. Now, you have been crucified with Christ. You died with Christ. You died to sin. So you have been set free from your old wife, sin. You got a Divorce from your old life, from sin, from the devil, from the world. There is no connection between you and Sin, Jesus filed the divorce and you received it when you received Jesus. Sin is your divorced wife; you are “legally” free from her.

Death can also be explained by death. Consider, Mr. Fox is a drunkard and a Porn addict. One day, He dies while drinking alcohol and watching porn. What happens now? The alcohol bottle is there, the porn movie is playing but Mr. Fox is not engaging in it because he is dead. Same with us, the old sinful nature is gone and we have died to sin.

Understanding the New Creation:

When the Bible says “New Creation” or “Born Again”, it is talking about your spirit. Man is a three part being: Spirit, Soul(mind) and Body. When you believe in Jesus, your spirit is transformed and made new. In your spirit, you are “like” God (Ephesians 4:24) and “like” Jesus (1 John 4:17) RIGHT NOW. Your spirit has been made one with the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:17).

Your mind and Body are left out. Your Mind has to be renewed or changed or transformed and Your body has be Surrendered. Your Mind and Body are not evil, they are just neutral. Transformation of your Spirit is a Work of grace, and the transformation of your mind and the surrendering of your body are done by you with God’s grace. When your mind is changed, your body will respond accordingly. So the spirit is a done deal, the body will just follow your mind, so your job is to change your mind. Mind changing process is done by receiving revelation from God and His Word and meditating on them. God has changed you on the inside, Spirit-the real you…completely…You are not experiencing it on the outside because you have not renewed your mind.

“Offer your bodies” as a Living Sacrifice…Do not conform any longer to the patterns of this world but “be transformed” by the “renewing of your mind”. Romans 12:1,2(NIV)(Inward transformation is a done deal, Outward transformation happens when you Renew your Mind or Change your Thinking)

Terminator and the New Creation:

I will give you an illustration. If you have watched the movie Terminator you will get this truth easily. See the movie on the surface, don’t dig deep. In terminator 1, Arnold is the Bad guy. He dies in the end. In terminator 2, He rises again as a Good guy. Was Bad, Died Bad and Raised up New. You were a Sinner, you died as a sinner and you rose up as a Saint… a New creation, a Son or Daughter of the Most High God!!!…Getting it????…

I believe, now your mind will be flashing with questions:”Then Why Am I like this?? Why Am I sinning??”…Sit tight, I’m not done yet.

Two reasons why we keep doing sin or bad things or useless things: 

  1. We don’t know who we are and what we have in Christ. (Identity Problem)

We sin because our mind is not renewed with the revelation of “who we are and what we have in Christ”. Renewing our mind is our Job; God won’t do it for us. It is our job to get into His presence, into His Word and it is His Job to reveal truths which He will do if you are hungry and humble. Revelations about who we are and what we have in Christ must be received, believed and meditated upon. We think that what we do is who we are. If you do plumbing, you are plumber. God doesn’t work that way. You didn’t do anything to become an Indian or an American, you were just born. Similarly, your Identity in God is by birth not by your actions. You are not a sinner just because you sin, You are a Son. “Identity comes first, actions follow”. When you know you are the King’s Son and not beggar, you will stop begging. When you get hold of your identity in God, actions will follow. Our problem is we try hard to change our actions and have an identity based on our actions, it won’t work.

Count yourselves dead to sin. Romans 6:11(NIV): This is the key. You have to count yourself, consider yourself, think yourself as a New Creation who is dead to sin. You have to be strongly rooted in the truth that you have been set free from sin. God has set you free and made you New. Now your job is to believe it, think it, meditate it, confess it, consider it and live it.

  1. We have the power to choose; we have a free will. (Stupidity Problem)

We can make bad choices like Adam and Eve. The Sinful Nature entered Adam after the fall, so Adam didn’t have a sinful nature when he sinned. Jesus came to destroy and reverse everything caused by the fall which includes the removal of the sinful nature but you have still got your free will. You have the Power to choose, Power to say Yes or No. You have Self control in Christ. You have to Use your God given power of choice to choose the right things, You have to Use your God given ability of Self control to keep yourself under control. God in His Grace has changed you and restored everything, you have to receive it by Faith and walk in it. Sin is always a Stupid choice; No one in his right mind will choose a Pencil over an IPhone. Don’t be stupid, Be wise.

God did not give us a spirit that makes us afraid but a Spirit of Power, Love and “Self control”. 2 Timothy 1:7(NCV)(It is in past tense, you have Self Control Now)

This is the Glorious work of Jesus…He didn’t waste His blood for us to accept Him and live the same. He died to change us so that we can live like Him.

Walking in Freedom:

The Emancipation Proclamation was released on 1863 declaring that “Every slave is Free now. Slavery is illegal”. Slaves were declared Free but Slavery was not abolished on that day because many continued to be slaves as they “didn’t know” that they had been set free. The Church is in the same condition. Jesus has set us free from Sin and its results. We go through life getting beaten by sin and it results because we “don’t know” we are free.

The problem is we think we have a sinful nature and we have to keep fighting it, We think we can’t be free on earth, We think sin cannot be defeated. We proudly quote the devil’s lie:”I’m just a sinner saved by grace”. Who told you that? Just because something is famous doesn’t make it true. You are not a Sinner saved by Grace; You are a Son transformed by Grace.

The Old sinner, Your sinful nature is dead. How can you fight something that is already dead?? You will be just boxing in the air and nothing will happen, the devil will laugh at you. The old guy is dead; the new Guy is like Jesus, like God and one with the Holy Spirit. You have to believe and receive it, change your thinking and then you will start to live accordingly.

You don’t have to beat yourself or kill yourself to be free from sin. Jesus was beaten and killed so that we can be free from sin. We are not just forgiven, we are free. Walk in Freedom…We are free and Made New.

Never doubt this, never believe the devil’ lies. You are not a Sinner; you don’t have to be in sin till you get to heaven. You are free, you are a New Creation. You are God’s Son, God’s Daughter.

Practical tools:

It is not “I have got it, that’s it”. It is one thing to receive freedom and another thing to maintain your freedom. I don’t want you to just get free; I want you to stay free. Follow these:

  • Read this post again and again and again, till you get the spark. Don’t think, I will read it again later because you will forget for sure. Read it slowly with your Bible.
  • Get out the verses that talk about “Who you are and What you have in Christ”. Study them, believe them, meditate on them and personalize and speak them out loud. I will be driving and saying:”I’m a New Creation”, I will be in the Kitchen and saying:”Thank you Jesus for setting me free”. Do this every day. (If you need a personalized list, contact me.)
  • Be rooted in the truth that you have the power to choose and you have Self control. Say it out aloud every day.
  • Expose yourself to teachings and materials that proclaim your identity and your freedom in Christ. Stay away from teachings and materials that proclaim about a grace that doesn’t set you free, a Finished work of Jesus that doesn’t include Freedom and an identity teaching which doesn’t result in actions. Also, Stay away from teachings that Speak against Sin but don’t give you the Way out.
  • Be conscious about the devil’s lies. If the truth sets you free, then a lie will put you in chains. If you are blocked somewhere, detect the lie and uproot it.
  • Don’t stop your “Mind renewal or changing process”, don’t take a vacation from it. If you focus your mind on dirty things, you are going to have sin kick your butt. What you put in is going to come out. Stop putting garbage in your mind. Set your mind on God. Be humble and keep changing your mind.

I have made this teaching as Simple and as easy as possible. But If you don’t get it, please contact me and ask me for more light. I would love to help. I want God’s children to walk in Freedom. It doesn’t matter what your sin is: Anger, Bitterness, Lust or Whatever…There is Freedom in Christ. Jesus has set you free from all sins.

It is for Freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand Firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1(NIV)







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