Antichrist,666,Rapture???-My Take on End time Theology

We live in an age where teaching about the Antichrist is more popular than teaching about Christ, talking about the Rapture sells more than talking about present day Christian living, mark of the beast looks more powerful than the mark of the Holy Spirit. If you have known me for a time, you would have found out that I don’t teach on the end times. Probably, you have no idea of my view and beliefs on the end times. In a day where so much garbage is coming out in the name of “end time teaching”, let me have my take on the End times.

Warning Alert: If you read this and accept what I’m saying you will be taking a U turn in your beliefs.Beware!!!

First,let me give you an overview on the different End time teachings that fill our Christian bookstores:

Four Views on the End times:

  1. Idealistic view: It is the belief that most of the prophetic passages in the N.T are “symbolic” of the Church’s struggle and are not “literal”.
  2. Historical view: It is the belief that the prophetic passages in the N.T have been unfolding over of the course of the past 2000 years of Church history.
  3. Futuristic view: It is the belief that most of the prophetic passages in the N.T have not occurred and will happen in our future. Within this view, there are three different sub beliefs based on the placement of Rapture in the future: Pre-Trib, Mid-Trib and Post-Trib. (Most Christians think there are only three views”Pre or Mid or Post Tribulation” but it is not true as these are just sub beliefs of the Futuristic view).
  4. Preteristic view: It is the belief that most of the prophetic passages in the N.T were fulfilled during the 70AD destruction of Jerusalem.

Note: Scholars use different names for the views I have mentioned like Amillieanlism or Post milleanilism. And there are also other minor beliefs like Pre wrath Rapture, Partial Rapture and the likes.

My view on the End times:

Now that you have had the overview, you are waiting to hear my view so that you can compare it with your view and your Pastor’s view. I’m going to disappoint you, as I’m not going to tell you what view I hold out of the four or six(separating the sub beliefs). I’m going to put forth a different view called the Kingdom view.

Before I unpack it, allow me to provide you with two keys that will help you shut wrong doors:

Key 1: Only one is true-The teachings that are released from different pulpits are different from each other. One says this is true, another says that is wrong and this is right. But you have to understand that in a particular topic there can be only one truth. So it is that one is teaching right and all others are giving lies packed as the truth. For ex:  If tongues is from God, then people who oppose tongues are in the wrong boat. Only one can be true. Same applies to End time theology, only one view is right and all others are well packed lies.

Key 2: You can’t Research God- You cannot research yourself into a revelation. Most teachings in the Church, especially End times teaching is based on research and study. Jesus didn’t deliver His sermons by researching through a “thousand books written by two thousand authors”, He received every Word and every Teaching directly from heaven. He didn’t go up the mountain to research, He went up the mountain to meet the Father. This sets the stage that most of what is being taught in the Church is just Bogus. On the other extreme-dangerous end, people say they had some vision or experience on the end times and teach from it which will contradict the truths in the Written Word of God. Bogus Bogus…

Forget all Bogus, stop breaking your head about what is the right view on the end times, stay humble under the Holy Spirit and accept my invitation to take on the Kingdom View. Let’s explore my Kingdom View which is from the Spirit of God and the Word of God.

Note: Understand me right, I’m not saying “Tear the book of Revelation out of your Bible”, I’m saying don’t be carried away by man made theories and interpretations.

Kingdom View on the End times:

  • It is the belief that I don’t waste my time trying to decipher the Coming of Christ because Jesus said that we can’t know the time of His coming and He also confessed that He didn’t know about it either. Jesus didn’t ask us to pray for His coming, He asked us to pray Heaven down. I believe in His coming but I don’t waste my time on the details.
  • It is the belief that I’m not waiting for the Rapture but I’m learning to master the art of living in a Rapturous state now because we have been mystically united with God. We are in God, God is in us, we are one with God and that keeps me busy. If the Rapture occurs, I’m ready to go but if it doesn’t occur and we have to go through the tribulation or something, I’m ready for that too. Believing in Christ is what gives you eternal life not believing in the Rapture or tribulation.
  • It is the belief that I’m not afraid of the World Leader (alias) Antichrist because Jesus pinned the devil down on the cross and He is under our feet because we are in Christ-seated in Heaven, right now. If the Anti Christ comes with the “Mark of the beast”, I will carve the “Name of Jesus” in His forehead and send him back with a “Stone cold Stunner” because the One who is in me is Greater than the one who is in the world.
  • It is the belief that if the Church has to go through a period of tribulation or something, I will not wet my pants. I will walk in and out of tribulation boldly because God has been shouting the same message for ages: ”Do not Fear, I’m with you”. So I’m like, Bring it on baby!!!
  • It is the belief that I’m not scared of the End times because God is my Daddy and He will work out everything for my good. I rest in His Love and goodness, thereby carrying a fearless and secure view of the future. I will be happy no matter what and will not trade my joy at any cost because we have been commanded to Rejoice in the Lord always. Always in the Greek or Hebrew or any other language in the world means ALWAYS.
  • It is the belief that living in the present is more important than arguing about the future. While the Church is fighting over doctrines, the world is sinking into darkness. So I focus on the present by destroying the works of the devil in the Power of the Holy Spirit, expelling darkness by turning on the Light. We have been called to love no matter how horrible people treat us, lead people to Christ ignoring how bad they were, proclaim the truth not concerned about the religious nuts who will get offended, heal the sick blurring out the doctor’s teaching on the disease, drive out demons not minding how dangerous the demon is. We have been called to change the World in the Name of “Jesus” and in the Power of the “Holy Spirit” by being under “Daddy” ’s Love because that’s God’s Heart. We are not called to fight over doctrines, we develop on our own.

Note: If you are tired of the different teachings on the End times saying “I’m right because I pray in Tongues” or “I’m right because I have more degrees in eschatology”, then accept my invitation to walk in the Kingdom of God. And, if you think I didn’t quote verses then Think again!!!

I don’t know what you believe in or what your Pastor taught you, but all I know is that most of the stuff you hear on the End times is Bogus. I’m open to the Holy Spirit for revelations on the End times but the Kingdom view is solid and unchanging. I’m holding on to this view, what about you??? Ready to change your End time Glasses?? Are you ready to take on the Kingdom view and work for the advancement of His Kingdom?? Are you going to stop thinking about getting to heaven and start focusing on bringing heaven to earth??….



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