A Prelude to a Biblical Marriage


God started teaching me about marriage when I started off as a Christian. When I started speaking/writing about marriage, people stormed my mom’s door saying-“Your son is not married. He must not speak or write about marriage”. Wait a minute….If you have to be married to write or speak about marriage, then to write or speak about hell should you pay a visit to hell? Ding Dong Ding. I am starting this series on marriage few days before my marriage to show people that revelations come out of a relationship with God and not from experiences.

Significance of Marriage:

Marriage is the most significant human relationship created by God. God didn’t give Adam, parents. God didn’t give Adam, cute-little children. God didn’t give Adam, a bunch of fun-loving friends. God gave Adam, a wife.

Marriage comes below God and above every other thing in this whole wide world. Your spouse is more important than your parents, children, friends, profession, football match, play station. Your husband/wife is more important than ministry because marriage came into existence before the Church.

3 in 1:

Marriage is not a partnership of two; it is a partnership of three. When you get saved, you become God’s partner. After your marriage, you team up with your wife (who is already in a relationship with God).So it’s God, you and your spouse.

United as ‘One’, a mystery:

Marriage is the most intimate and only sexual relationship. Jesus’ blood unites you with God and the blood released during the first intercourse is symbolic of unification between the husband and wife. When you unite with your spouse, you both become ‘one’.

           Two are united into ‘one’.Genesis 2:24(NLT)

The Bulldozer:

You will not take a hammer and thrash your own head. You will not break your nose with a knock-out punch. You will not hurt your own self. You will not break your own heart. Here comes the Bulldozer-If you won’t do anything to hurt yourself, why do you hurt your spouse? You and your spouse are ‘one’. Slapping your spouse is slapping your own face. Abusing your spouse with words is abusing your own self.Think!!!!!!

My introduction to marriage ends with a note-

                  Couples must not fight each other, they must fight together.


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