A Practical Guide to Evangelism Supernaturally- Chris Overstreet

Chris Overstreet is the Outreach Pastor of Bethel Church(Redding, California), led by Bill Johnson. If you are familiar with Bill Johnson and Bethel, then you would know that they have developed a supernatural culture. Chris Overstreet is no different, his life is marked with signs, wonders and miracles.

This book, as its title says, is practical and a easy read. It contains important truths, which have been crafted in a easy way that the reader will wonder-“Hey, how did I finish a chapter that fast?”. There are countless books on the supernatural but Chris Overstreet’s book will stand apart as a “easy to read” book on the supernatural. Good job Chris!

If you want to get this book, you can follow this link:-Practical Guide to Evangelism–Supernaturally

Is Living a Supernatural life possible? 

Chris Overstreet answers this question with a big Yes with his book and with his life. It’s not just possible, it can become a lifestyle, if you grab hold of the truths shared in this book.

The Holy Spirit supernaturally empowers you for evangelism- Chris Overstreet

What will you get out of this book? 

  • You will understand that as a Child of God, you have power and authority in Christ.
  • You will understand that as a Child of God, you have been called to evangelise. He busts the age old myth-“I’m not an evangelist, so I’m not called to evangelise”.
  • You will learn about the purpose behind evangelism and the intentions you must possess/the intentions you must not possess.
  • You can build a supernatural lifestyle as you read this book, if you apply the truths and follow the exercises at the end of every chapter.
  • The importance of “risk”, when it comes to obeying God and doing the will of God.
  • Practical steps on how to approach people in the streets and in public places.
  • Practical steps on how to minister healing to people.
  • Practical steps on how to lead someone to salvation.
  • How to receive and release word of knowledge(Prophetic).
  • How to build teams and lead them into evangelistic outreaches.

Every individual should be approached with love and honour- Christ Overstreet 

This books lives up to its title in being a practical guide to supernatural evangelism. Chris Overstreet has cracked this because He does what He preaches or should I say, He preaches what he does.

If you want to get this book, click the book image:-

Here’s a short video of Chris Overstreet talking about Purity and Power:-

Chris Overstreet’s website:- https://www.compassiontoaction.com/


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