4 reasons why you should attend our LSM Conference

LSM conference? Love, Sex and Marriage Conference. I have been accused of talking too much about sex and misleading youngsters. I have been questioned on why do a conference on Love, Sex and Marriage. Here is my side of the story.

We have finished 4 Love, Sex and Marriage Conferences as of now(Bangalore is on the line and Mumbai will be our next stop). People have understood the true meaning of Love, have received revelation about marriage, have received light on the area of sex, have received freedom from the past and from addictions. Above everything, we have seen hearts healed and lives transformed.

I’m writing this post, not as a response to the critics, but as a guide so that you can know why we do it, why you should attend and what you will get out of it.

The Heart behind the Conference:-

One day, my mind took a walk and thought -“Am I a Marriage counselor? I’m investing so much in the area of marriage and relationships”. I had this conflict in my mind because it looked like I had deviated from my calling. Then God’s mind found my mind taking this walk and reasoned with me-“Changing the world starts with changing individuals and families. Healthy individuals make a healthy family. Healthy Families together make a healthy Church and healthy Church changes the World. Get the Math”. I got it.

My heart is to see the world transformed by the Love and Power of God, and the ground work is happening in marriages and relationships. Adding to that, I want people to be happy and I want people to dream. I don’t want anyone to be caged or abused in the name of marriage. It is a war for the world, it is a war for hearts- to walk with God, to love, to be loved, to dream, to be free and whole.

I hope you get the heart behind the conference…

Who is the conference for?

For everyone, not for toddlers but. Teenagers, so that they can grow up with the right understanding of Love. Young adults, so that they can prepare themselves for marriage and choose the right partners. Young married couples, to unlearn and learn the truths about love and marriage. Married couples, to make changes to their marriages and to raise kids with the truth.

Now, here are 4 reasons why you should attend our conference.

Reason Number One :- Problems

Just sit back for a minute and think. The primary problems of your life would be relational. You feel caged because of a narrow minded father. You feel limited because of a manipulative mother. You have the fear of commitment because of your bad family and your past relationships. You are always suspicious because you were betrayed by your friends. You are competitive in an unhealthy way because you were not appreciated when you were a kid. I can go on and on. It’s a fact. Relationship problems are the core problems of our lives. 

In our conference, we empower you to do relationships right. We will give you the tools to live free and powerful.

Reason Number Two :- Purpose

Marriage has always been about looks, money, tradition and babies. Not anymore, not for the people who have had a taste of our conference. You were created with a purpose in mind. You are not an accident, you are not here to just survive. You have a calling, an assignment over your life. You need to know your purpose and your calling. “Find your purpose before you Find your partner” is what I say. Your purpose is what you are going to do with your life and Your partner is the one who is going to walk that path with you.

Imagine. You are called to serve street kids and you marry someone who is so cleany cleany. Your life will be a mess, your heart being torn between your purpose and your partner.

In our conference, we will instruct you in the lines of finding a life partner, who will be your purpose partner.

Reason Number Three:- Truth

If you think you know what’s love and what’s marriage, just because you read a few novels and watch a dozen romantic movies, think again. Movies are wrong, our parents were wrong, the Word of God is the truth. It tells us what is Love and how we should live but our minds our so painted with lies that we need someone else to shake us and tell us the truth.

A Father hits child so bad in anger and says “I’m getting angry because I love you”. But the Bible says “Love is patient and kind before it’s anything else”. Parents, friends, spouse or whoever, they control you saying they love you. But the Bible says “Love does not demand it’s own way”. This generation thinks watching porn and sleeping around is okay. But the Bible says “Sexual sin destroys your body”.

Thinking we know everything is the secret to our downfall. It takes a humble heart to seek the truth out from God’s Word. In our conference, we will hit you with truth about love, marriage, family and sex.

Reason Number Four :- Training

Before you get a job of working on a computer, you go through years of school, college, interview and training. Wanna be a Musician? You need Training. Wanna be a Footballer? You need Training.

Wanna be a Husband? If you are of the right age and have a job? Wanna be a Wife? If you are of the right age and look beautiful? Wanna be a Parent? If your sexual organs function well? C’mon…Marriage and parenting involves other lives not computers. How much more training do we need to handle another human being and little human beings. It’s not a game, it’s life and blood.

More than anything on earth, marriage and parenting require more training. In our conference, we train you to be good husbands and good wives and good parents.

There you go. That’s all folks. Give us a chance to bless you, you won’t regret. We are having our next conference in Bangalore (April 13, 2019), Our Next stop would be Mumbai.

To register for Bangalore, click here:- http://holyspiritrevolution.com/love-sex-marriage-conference/ 

To know about Mumbai, follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

If you want to host our conference in your city or church or fellowship, don’t be scared to invite us. We won’t charge you, you would just have to take care of our expenses(travel and food) and arrangements, that’s all. We are placed in Chennai, so inside Chennai it’s easy, you just need to get people to come and we will show up. Drop us a mail with your contact details:- holyspiritrevolution@gmail.com

Topics covered:- God’s Design and Purpose for marriage. – Marriage and your purpose – How to find your life partner – Freedom from your past – How to handle hurts – How to build a beautiful marriage – Unhealthy relationships and boundaries – Freedom from sexual sins, porn addiction.

Hakuna Matata….


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