3 Stuffs Every Christian Must Do

Every Christian irrespective of their background, denomination or whatever must be doing these 3 stuffs. Jesus declared that every Christian will be doing these 3 stuffs in their lives. You can have an unique calling or an assignment from God but the 3 stuffs Jesus is referring to are common for every Christian. What are they???-

3 Stuffs every Christian must do:

  • Daily Bible Reading
  • Pray
  • Attend Church Service on Sundays

Awww…Did I just sound like a Preacher you like to hear on T.V???. I’m extremely sorry, I’m not that kind. I don’t teach what you want to hear; I teach what God wants me to teach. Don’t be shocked, don’t let your jaw drop and here goes the real list-

  • Cast out Demons
  • Speak in Tongues
  • Heal the sick

And these signs will follow those who believe(Believers or Christians)-in My Name they will cast out demons,  they will speak with new tongues…they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover. Mark 16:17,18(NKJV)(Emphasis Mine)

If you say-“What?? I don’t believe in all those stuffs”, then I will say-“You are calling Jesus, a liar”. If you say-“I believe in all those stuffs but they are not for me”, then I will still say-“You are calling Jesus, a liar”. If you say-“I speak in tongues but healing and casting out demons are not my gifting”, then I will still say-“You are calling Jesus, a liar”. You didn’t hear Jesus right, he didn’t say if your Church believes in it or if you like it or if you have the gifts…He just said-“if you believe” meaning “if you are a believer or a Christian” then these signs –“casting out demons, tongues and healing” will follow you. Jesus doesn’t care how many years you have been a Christian or how many meetings you have attended, all He cares about is your “doing”. Doing what He commanded us to do.

3 Alternate Stuffs to do:

Bible Study, prayer and Sunday service are important and they must take you to a place where you will do what Jesus told us to do. If you are not doing anything or if you don’t want to do the 3 stuffs Jesus declared, then I would request you to do 3 stuffs-

  • Throw your Bible in a Garbage can.
  • Stop Praying and waste your time on Facebook.
  • Stop going to Church and spend your time in Malls or Movie theatres.

A Bible Study or a Prayer life or a Church setting that doesn’t move your life from the normal human life to the supernatural Christian life is a waste of time. Christians are called to serve others and if your private devotion time is not moving you out to serve, you are just wasting your time. So choose the three 3 stuffs Jesus said or the alternate 3 stuffs I have given you…

Blowing up the Controversies surrounding Mark 16:17,18:

It is not in the Bible: Most translations will have half of Mark 16 in italics saying that they are missing in certain manuscripts and people use this excuse to reject this verse. I believe these verses are part of the Bible and people reject them as they are not able to do what it says. They do this so that they can look good. Okay fine, Lets settle this…if you want you can reject these verses but I can give you numerous other verses from the Bible supporting the truth I’m laying on the table. If you want to reject all of them, you will end up tearing out most of your Bible. (People who interpret the Bible based on their experiences must be exiled to Antarctica). Two such verses are here-

Whoever believes in me(Believers or Christians) will do the works I have been doing(Hello, what did Jesus do??) and greater things than these (What?? We don’t even do what Jesus did). John 14:12(NIV)(Emphasis Mine)

Whoever says that he lives in God(Believer or Christian) must live as Jesus lived(How did Jesus live? Just prayer, Bible reading and Church service??? Or more than that). 1 John 2:6(NCV)(Emphasis Mine)

Snake Handling: There are another group of dumbos who don’t reject these verses but accept them in a stupid way. The fourth sign in Mark 16 is-“taking up snakes” and there are groups who do this as an act of faith. That’s amazingly stupid. The word here is “airo” which means take away or put away or throw away. So when a snake attacks you, you can throw it away but you don’t go around hunting for snakes. Remember, what Paul did when a snake attacked him.

Faith, Love and the 3 Stuffs Jesus declared:

Life is all about love-Loving God and Loving people. If you love God, you will obey Him and if you love God, you will love people. We are saved by Faith and we are called to live by Faith. Faith operates through love and Faith is what brings the 3 stuffs to picture-

Tongues: The personal prayer language of Tongues is the purest form of prayer you can ever pray and praying in tongues will always line up with God’s will. Praying in Tongues will charge (the equivalent word to edify) you spiritually. Ministry-Tongues can touch the lives of other people. There are lots of benefits but if you don’t trust me you can ask Apostle Paul who said-“I speak in tongues more than all of you”.

Healing the sick: People are dying of sickness everywhere and the Church has the answer to sickness, but it chooses to be silent. Healing is not God’s problem; it is part of the assignment given to the Church. Jesus commanded us to heal the sick and not to pray for the sick. Healing the sick is the responsibility of every Christian!

Casting out demons: The world is filled with demonized people, wait a minute even most Christians are being destroyed by demons. Understand me, Christians cannot be demon-possessed but they can be demon-oppressed. Most problems, most addictions, most sicknesses can be cured if casting out demons is practiced in the Church. Jesus will not cast out demons; we must cast out demons in Jesus’ name!!

Note: For more info on- Faith- http://holyspiritrevolution.com/key-unlocks-supernatural/

Tongues- http://holyspiritrevolution.com/mystery-of-tongues-unveiled/

Healing the sick- http://holyspiritrevolution.com/basic-training-healing-sick/

Casting out demons- Will write a post in the future!!

If your Pastor doesn’t believe in all this, you need to get out of your Church and ask your Pastor to get a job. Every Church and Every Pastor who is against tongues, healing and casting out of demons is against God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit (and the Holy Bible too). They need to quit ministry and try their best on some other job. If you are not doing all this, I request you to start your Christian life. Sorry, sometimes truth hurts…truth hurts if you are comfortable with lies.

What is your life? Are you living like a Christian as defined by God?? Are you healing the sick and casting out demons?? Are you speaking in tongues?? Are you serving others??




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