An Unusual Woman, who didn’t care about her Hair

Women rate their hair as something precious and valuable. They send their hair through shampooing, conditioning, ironing, straightening, curling, coloring, decorating…Hair spa, Hair mask, name it all. But there was this unusual, weird woman named Mary who wiped the feet of Jesus with her hair. She was in a sense saying-“My hair is precious and valuable to me but Jesus, you are more precious and valuable to me than anything in this whole wide world”. Woo…she makes my heart burn!!!

Don’t forget that the perfume she used on Jesus was worth a year’s salary. While you are using your money on entertainment and stuffs, saving money for a car or a house, Mary was “saving money equal to a year’ salary to use it on Jesus over an One minute devotion”. I’m blown away by this Woman’ Love for Jesus!!!

In another instance, Jesus was teaching in Mary’ house. Martha was busy cooking the Pizza Jesus didn’t order while Mary was busy with Jesus. Martha came to Jesus with a complaint-“Jesus, ask Mary to help me with the Pizza”. Jesus fires back with one of the most amazing statements in History-“Martha, you are worried about unnecessary stuffs but ONLY ONE THING IS IMPORTANT IN LIFE…ONLY ONE THING…SITTING AT MY FEET…And Mary has chosen it”. What is your life?? Are you living for the One thing that’s valuable or focused on and worried about unnecessary stuffs?? Sitting at the Feet of Jesus and Gazing upon His Face is the only important thing in life.

Coming back to Mary’s hair. A women’s hair is her glory. Glory means Honor or Reputation or Majesty. A women’s hair is very precious and valuable to them but this crazy woman used it as a brush to wipe Jesus’ feet. She did this before everyone. With grumbling sounds raising up in the room, Jesus roars-“Shut up…She has done a beautiful thing. I’m impressed”. She did something extreme, something way out of normal and Jesus was swept off His feet. Only a Love that is crazy and extreme will touch the Heart of God. God gets bored with fake, passive Love that is displayed by many. He is looking for the Crazy Lovers who are ready to sacrifice everything for Him, not just the little stuffs but the most valuables stuffs too. Love gives and Mary gave hair as brush to display her Love. Above all, She didn’t wipe Jesus’ face. She wiped Jesus’ feet which would have been dirty because of His busy travelling ministry that day. Her Valuable Hair went down to wipe Her Dirty Master’s Feet because She lived for the One and Loved nothing more than Him.

Will my heart burn and will I be blown away by your Love for Jesus???…If it is not crazy and extreme, it is not Love. Fall deeper in Love…


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